Category: Adventure

Adventure games is a form of gameplay in which the player puts forth exploration, obtaining artefacts and sorting out riddles. A significant element of such games is also a pretty extended storyline.

Game’s interface

In adventure games the most frequent form of gameplay is a single player mode, in which a given character is controlled by one player. His task is to fight opponents, to explore the terrain and to solve riddles by the use of diverse artefacts. In adventure games an essential player’s aim is also to sort out a particular puzzle, which is usually made harder by fast action and a large number of threats. In some adventure game elements of RPG game are strongly emphasized, and the given character can steadily develop due to them.

Kinds of games

The most popular adventure game is the Tomb Raider series, which fulfills all the basic conditions attributed to this form of gameplay. Adventure games are most often divided into three basic varieties:

  • text adventures game, controlled by means of proper text commands;
  • graphic adventures game is a group of games in which the action is often presented in the form of illustrations (point and click interface);
  • visual novels is a form of game whose content (most often showed as a text) depends on the commands introduced by the commands’ user.

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Eden Star download

Eden Star Download

Eden Star is an adventure game set in science-fiction realities. The game combines elements of action, parkour and sandbox freedom. The game was developed by independent Flinx Interactive studio (developer and publisher). If you like …
Paranormal Activity The Lost Soul download

Paranormal Activity The Lost Soul Download

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul is a representative of the survival horror genre. The production has been designed to use virtual reality. The title is the work of VRWerx studio (developer and publisher), which has …
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Vane Download

Do you feel like becoming a boy, who has got extraordinary skills and you wish to traverse the fantasy world with him? Use Vane download right away! It is an adventurous exploration game, where we …
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Black Mirror Download

Black Mirror is a game which for sure will interest everyone who love the atmosphere of horror, elements of adventure games and puzzles. This game contains of it all – a bit of horror, a …
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ARK Park Download

Have you heard about ARK: Survival Evolved? If so, we have good news. ARK Park has been created based on it! Recently released ARK Park is an exploratory game with a first-person view. The game …
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Titanic Honor and Glory Download

The history of Titanic voyage has been the inspiration for many artist and culture authors for over one hundred years. Just recall the James Cameron movie from 1997, which up until managed to stay one …
Life is Strange download

Life is Strange Before the Storm Download

Life is Strange released in 2015 was the ultimate proof for some people that modern games are much more like the cinematic experience rather than solely entertaining product. Gripping storyline, strong drama, and perfectly-written dialogues …
Conarium game download

Conarium Download

Very popular game called Conarium is referring to the father of horrors – Lovecraft. In this well prepared production we impersonate the member of a group that supposed to go on a mission on Arctic.
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Downward Download

Downward is a game created by independent, Italian developer studio Caracal Games. This game is a great mix of mystery, post-apocalyptic vision, first-person player parkour, and sandbox. Do you like dynamic and incredibly absorbing games? …
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Black The Fall Download

Black The Fall is an adventurous arcade game, which was designed and created by the independent studio called Sand Sailor Studio (developer). Creators from the group Square-Enix (publisher) decyded to give a support to the …
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Agony Download

Agony is a typical survival horror game produced by Madmind Studio – the group created by the same people, who are responsible for such titles as Witcher, Sniper Ghost Warrior, etc. In this game we …