Category: Adventure

Adventure games is a form of gameplay in which the player puts forth exploration, obtaining artefacts and sorting out riddles. A significant element of such games is also a pretty extended storyline.

Game’s interface

In adventure games the most frequent form of gameplay is a single player mode, in which a given character is controlled by one player. His task is to fight opponents, to explore the terrain and to solve riddles by the use of diverse artefacts. In adventure games an essential player’s aim is also to sort out a particular puzzle, which is usually made harder by fast action and a large number of threats. In some adventure game elements of RPG game are strongly emphasized, and the given character can steadily develop due to them.

Kinds of games

The most popular adventure game is the Tomb Raider series, which fulfills all the basic conditions attributed to this form of gameplay. Adventure games are most often divided into three basic varieties:

  • text adventures game, controlled by means of proper text commands;
  • graphic adventures game is a group of games in which the action is often presented in the form of illustrations (point and click interface);
  • visual novels is a form of game whose content (most often showed as a text) depends on the commands introduced by the commands’ user.

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