Category: Simulation

Simulation games have been in recent years one of the most popular form of entertainment, which comes in different varieties. A characteristic feature of such games is to maximally reflect a situation connected with a particular job position, a task or a device.

The game’s specifics and interface

Simulator games are productions in which the player is supposed to complete a particular activity that is a precise reflection of its ”real” version. For instance, in a simulation of building equipment the player gets to command an excellently reproduced equipment, which additionally is (very often) based on a particular producer’s license. Simulator games can be based on any subject, beginning with cultivation of farmland, to a command of a submarine.

Kinds of simulation games

Popular simulators are extremely varied in terms of the degree of reflection. There are, for instance, fully professional productions that are used for educational purposes (for instance Minecraft). Others (more commercial) usually have a special settings panel, on which we can define the degree of the gameplay’s realism (for instance Silent Hunter). There are also games in which one can become both in the governor and an worker completing particular activities. A number of the so-called farm simulators belong to this group.

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The Sims 4 download

The Sims 4 free Download

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Trials Rising download

Trials Rising Download

Trials Rising is a very interesting arcade game that will satisfy fans of good visuals, and of enhanced gameplay. We become a sporting motorcyclist who encounters on his route lots of perilous traps and obstacles. …
UBOOT download

UBOOT Download

UBOOT is a simulation game for PC Windows platform. The player’s task is to command a submarine during world war II. Interestingly, the sub belongs to a German crew, while the game was developed by …
PES 2016 free Download

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Download

As early as on August 30th we’re in for a premiere of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, prepared by the well-known firm Konami (developer and publisher). Football fans are rubbing their hands because in comparison to …
NBA 2K19 free download

NBA 2K19 Download

NBA 2K19 is a basketball simulator for the best American league admired by fans of this sport worldwide. During a basketball match, minutes can go on forever, especially if the team is capable of using …
Session game download

Session Download

Session is a PC game that is a great skateboarding simulation. The creators provide an open map to explore in search of places where you can perform both simple and difficult skateboarding tricks. This is …
FIFA 19 free download

FIFA 19 Download

FIFA 19 is the next instalment of a football simulation franchise on PC. Compared to the previous games, you can count on even better graphics with highly realistic details. You also have the possibility to …
Madden NFL 19 download

Madden NFL 19 Download

Madden NFL 19 is a game that was not meant to be released on PC. It is a perfect American football simulator that will surely please fans of this sport. Click on Madden NFL 19 …
MXGP PRO download

MXGP PRO Download

MXGP PRO The Official Motocross Videogame – under this somewhat lengthy name lies a game released for Windows PC and more by the well-known Milestone team (developer and publisher). The game can be played as …
Bus Simulator 18 free download

Bus Simulator 18 Download

You might think driving a bus is not that exciting. Guess again! If you can do it in the comfort of our own room, while exploring the city’s topography and learning the struggles that real …
GTR 3 game download

GTR 3 Download

GTR 3 is a car racing simulator that was developed by SimBin studio (developer and publisher). Although the name of the company is relatively unknown to a wider audience, it is worth knowing that it …
Firefighting Simulator download

Firefighting Simulator Download

Firefighting Simulator is another game released by Astragon Entertainment (publisher). In this edition, the player takes on the role of a firefighter, and their main task is primarily to extinguish fires in many different locations. …