Category: Simulation

Simulation games have been in recent years one of the most popular form of entertainment, which comes in different varieties. A characteristic feature of such games is to maximally reflect a situation connected with a particular job position, a task or a device.

The game’s specifics and interface

Simulator games are productions in which the player is supposed to complete a particular activity that is a precise reflection of its ”real” version. For instance, in a simulation of building equipment the player gets to command an excellently reproduced equipment, which additionally is (very often) based on a particular producer’s license. Simulator games can be based on any subject, beginning with cultivation of farmland, to a command of a submarine.

Kinds of simulation games

Popular simulators are extremely varied in terms of the degree of reflection. There are, for instance, fully professional productions that are used for educational purposes (for instance Minecraft). Others (more commercial) usually have a special settings panel, on which we can define the degree of the gameplay’s realism (for instance Silent Hunter). There are also games in which one can become both in the governor and an worker completing particular activities. A number of the so-called farm simulators belong to this group.

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Farming Simulator 19 download

Farming Simulator 19 Download

Farming Simulator 19 is another take on the popular series of simulation games in which the player takes on the role of a farmer. Just like in the previous installments of the series, the game …
The Golf Club 2019 free download

The Golf Club 2019 Download

The Golf Club 2019 is, like previous parts of this acclaimed series, a golf simulator. The cycle originated after the end of co-operation between HB Studios (developer), the company developing Tiger Woods PGA, and the …
Flight Unlimited 2K18 free download

Flight Unlimited 2K18 Download

Flight Unlimited 2K18 is a flight simulating game. In terms of theme and title, Flight Unlimited 2K18 corresponds quite a lot to cult cycle that was developed by Looking Glass Technologies in the 90s. The …
Junkyard Simulator download

Junkyard Simulator Download

Junkyard Simulator is yet another simulator game released on the market by PlayWay Company (publisher). They also released Car Mechanic Simulator series. The title was designed by the familiar, debut group, which is a part …
Assetto Corsa Competizione download

Assetto Corsa Competizione Download

Assetto Corsa Competizione is a racing simulator which is a continuation of the game Assetto Corsa from 2014. The game was created by Kunos Simulazioni studio (developer). This is an official game which promotes Blancpain …
Cattle and Crops free download

Cattle and Crops Download

Cattle and Crops is a farm simulator developed by German studio Masterbrain Bytes (developer and publisher). The funds for creating this production were gathered thanks to action conducted on Kickstarter website. Contrary to many other …
On The Road free download

On The Road Download

Are you fascinated by large trucks? Find out more On The Road download! It is finally here, new truck driving simulator. In the game the player will be driving around modern Germany. Do not wait …
Monster Energy Supercross free download

Monster Energy Supercross Download

Monster Energy Supercross is a motorcycling racing game released for Personal Computers with Windows operating system. The production was prepared by Milestone Studio (developer and publisher). You may know these guys thanks to such titles …
Contraband Police free download

Contraband Police Download

Contraband Police is a simulation game designed for personal computers with Windows system. The game was developed by Polish Crazy Rocks studio. Crazy Rocks studio, which is known for fighting game Street Warriors Online, the …
Pure Farming 2018 free download

Pure Farming 2018 Download

Life in the countryside is associated with relax and contact with nature. Of course, the truth is different and you have to work sometimes. Being a farmer is a freedom, everything we do depends on …
Motorbike Garage Mechanic Simulator download

Motorbike Garage Mechanic Simulator Download

Motorbike Garage Mechanic Simulator is a typical simulation game allowing the player to engage in the duties of a real motorcycle mechanic. Production is a creation of dev4play studio (developer) and Far Dog Games (publisher) …
Steep Road to the Olympics free download

Steep Road to the Olympics Download

Steep: Road to the Olympics is a first addition to the Steep game. Steep is a simulator of extreme winter sports. Basic game was released by Ubisoft in 2016. This extension was created on the …