Category: Simulation

Simulation games have been in recent years one of the most popular form of entertainment, which comes in different varieties. A characteristic feature of such games is to maximally reflect a situation connected with a particular job position, a task or a device.

The game’s specifics and interface

Simulator games are productions in which the player is supposed to complete a particular activity that is a precise reflection of its ”real” version. For instance, in a simulation of building equipment the player gets to command an excellently reproduced equipment, which additionally is (very often) based on a particular producer’s license. Simulator games can be based on any subject, beginning with cultivation of farmland, to a command of a submarine.

Kinds of simulation games

Popular simulators are extremely varied in terms of the degree of reflection. There are, for instance, fully professional productions that are used for educational purposes (for instance Minecraft). Others (more commercial) usually have a special settings panel, on which we can define the degree of the gameplay’s realism (for instance Silent Hunter). There are also games in which one can become both in the governor and an worker completing particular activities. A number of the so-called farm simulators belong to this group.

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Rugby 18 free download

Rugby 18 Download

Rugby 18 is a rugby arcade simulator. The game was developed by EKO Software. EKO Software created games such as: Handball 17 and famous How to survive game. If you love rugby or you want …
Farmer's Dynasty free download

Farmer’s Dynasty Download

If you are a lover of simulators of any kind, you have to use Farmer’s Dynasty download link. This game was released at the end of last year and is assessed very high in its …
Professional Offroad Transport Simulator free download

Professional Offroad Transport Simulator Download

Every simulation lover should become familiar with this game. Especially people who are car fans. If you want test yourself in logistics get Professional Offroad Transport Simulator Download. Your fleet includes: excavators, trucks, off-road vehicles. …
303 Squadron: Battle of Britain download

303 Squadron Battle of Britain Download

303 Squadron Battle of Britain is a plane simulator developed by Atomic Jelly studio and the company Movie Games (publisher) was responsible for its release. These two companies are the part of PlayWay group known …
Ancient Cities free download

Ancient Cities Download

Ancient Cities created by Uncasual Games studio is a developed RTS. Title connects classic strategy and the simplest elements of RTS mechanics, simulator of building the city and survival. Firstly, production was developed for Unity …
Treasure Hunter warez-bb

Treasure Hunter Download

Treasure Hunter is a simulator developed for PCs with Windows system which allows the gamers to play real treasure hunter. Production was designed by Drago studio (developer), whereas a Polish company, PlayWay S.A., is responsible …
Farm Manager 2018 game download

Farm Manager 2018 Download

Farm Manager 2018 is an economic strategy developed for PCs with Windows system. Production allows us to manage our own farm. Game is a project by Lodz studio Cleversan Software (developer). Title was released by …
Spintires MudRunner download

Spintires MudRunner Download

Mudrunner is the newest addition to the game Spintires. The player receives the opportunity to personate mad driver of terrain heavy trucks. We can become the part of great machinery of Russian transport. If you …
Real Farm Sim Download

Real Farm Download

For some time agriculture simulators have been one of the most popular types of games. The possibility to purchase the machine, manage the crops, and taking care of the farm is a dream for many …
WRC 7 game download

WRC 7 Download

It is one of the titles no one needs to be introduced with. WRC is a cycle that becomes more and more popular and enjoyable with every instalment there is. If somehow you don’t know …
WWE 2K18 download

WWE 2K18 Download

„Free For All” – this is how wrestling was once called, where some fights were directed. It is due to the fact that wrestling is a theatre of the fight. The show, where the fighters …
Football Manager 2018 download

Football Manager 2018 Download

Football Manager 2018 is a position no one needs to be introduced with. It is one of the most popular series released in recent years. Each year is filled with plenty of successes and amazing …