Category: Party

Party / Social Games are a group of games in which particular emphasis is put on co-operation between particular competitors, who most often are in one room.

The genre’s specifics

Social games are usually a light form of entertainment, most often based on mobile devices, or more seldom on stationary computers. The aim of such productions is to make a group of people co-operate with one another in order to solve a particular riddle, or to complete a given task. Some social games have a classical arcade form. Owing to modern multimedia tools, we can play them in an innovative way, also with use of the technology of three-dimensional visualization.

Kinds of social games

Social games can be divided into two basic subgroups, out of which the first one, much older, was based on a gameplay employing exclusively one hardware platform (for instance a stationary computer). In the second subgroup we can distinguish games that can be installed on mobile devices and paired by means of a dedicated (generated) code. The most popular representatives of party games are first of all Knowledge is Power, and It’s you!

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