In the category ‘Full Version Games’ there are ones that you can download onto your PC computer. The offer in this category is very broad, therefore everyone can something for them in it. One can find all the most popular kinds of games there, beginning with action games, races and adventures, through strategies, RPGs and logical games, to social games. And of course, there are many more subcategories, it’s just enough to get to know them. Moreover, this category will be found interesting by many, because there they can download games which can be used without the internet. Owing to this, they will be functional in any situation and in each place. So there’s no use waiting, just play your favorite games without the necessity of using the internet.

Video Game Genres:

Action Video Games – make it possible to the player to go the world full of action, combat and car pursuits, like in a Hollywood film. But in the game all decisions are up to the player, he’s not just a passive onlooker. He can take up action himself and create his own story, having a great time simultaneously.
Arcade Video Games – are a wonderful method to improve one’s coordination and observation. Learning this category of games, players can spend their time playing games requiring fast reflexes and focus. The most popular arcade games usually consist in pinching balloons, arranging three elements in a line etc.
Fighting Video Games – is a category meant for the male sex, but we’re sure more than one lady will here something for herself. Combats with suspense and attempts to beat the opponent allow one to spend free time in a great way, in the atmosphere of healthy rivalry and good humor.
RPG Video Games – are surely a category for the persistent people, who get involved in the game and expect an interesting storyline. They are marked by the character’s development, multithread story and numerous alternative endings. These games’ storyline is often set in the future or in fantastic worlds.
Strategy Video Games – right from the start require the player to make his own strategy. Selection of subsequent moves and sticking to the chosen tactics make for a win or loss. In the strategic games one can expect demanding tasks for the players, as well as intricate, but fascinating storyline.
Adventure Video Games – make a great solution for long evenings and free days. Download one or several of them, and enjoy action-packed, amazing fun. In this category there are games for those who seek fast action, but also interesting adventures like looking for a treasure or a battle against wrong-doers.
Sports Video Games – fans will love the sporting games most. Moreover, every supporter will easily find here something for himself, no matter what’s his favorite event. There are games for lovers of team sports, as well individual events. It’s just enough to learn properly about the particular category.
Racing Video Games – are a real paradise for seekers of adrenaline and thrilling events. They allow users to race in front of a screen of a device that looks just like a real racing course. However, it’s much safer and allows one to do crazy feats without fear for their health, the car’s condition or road regulations.
Simulation Video Games – The object of Simulations is to imitate various activities. It can be driving vehicles which normally are unavailable to average mortals, such as trucks, airplanes, trains or building machines. There are also available games imitating people’s lives, and their actions.
Logic Video Games – will be appreciated by those who love crosswords, sudoku and other word search puzzles. In this category one can find games stimulating the mind and more addictive than many books. Additionally, they let the user exercise his memory and improve concentration. Both the youngest and older player will find them likeable.
Party Video Games – are a great solution that lets one play favorite games, spend time with friends or even make new ones. They make it possible to play with other users. Among multiplayers are sports games, races, or even logical games. Everything depends on one’s preferences.
MMO Video Games – are games that are played simultaneously by plenty of users, maybe even thousand users from all over the world. They allow the player to compete with many others. The range of players’ interactions is very high, when compared with other games, and it lets them to have great fun and thrilling rivalry!

Other game genres:

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