Category: Logic

Logical / Puzzle Games are a genre in which the superior goal is to solve a particular puzzle. They exist both as independent productions, or as minigames within other, more expanded productions.

The game’s interface

Logical games are most often based on a simple, two-dimensional interface. Usually it consists of some boards, cards or other elements that need to be fitted together. Because of their character, the games are basically devoid of any storyline, even though we can find productions in which the action’s progress depends on the correct solution of a particular logical problem.

Kinds of logical games

Three chief subgroups make up the category of logical games. The first ones are mind games that mainly consist in remembering particular signs and symbols, as well as placing them on board. In the second group, that is intellectual games, the ability of logical thinking and linking facts will come handy. There are also logical-arcade games, in which, apart from the logic, manual abilities are also useful. The most popular logical games are Berusky, Laser Tank and Enigma.

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Cefore Download

Cefore is an original logic game. Production was developed for PCS with Windows system. The title was created by independent studio Pixelz Games (developer).
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