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Cefore is an original logic game. Production was developed for PCS with Windows system. The title was created by independent studio Pixelz Games (developer). Publisher: Crytivo Games. PC Release date: 09.11.2018. Platforms: Microsoft Windows PC.

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Gamer plays a character of mustached scientist named Baro. Action takes place in the future world in which interstellar flights became completely widespread. The player’s role is to gain information connected with newly discovered planets. A characteristic feature of the production is a way in which Baro comes at the studies carried out by him. All essential data can be discovered only by collecting particular primary products and materials. In order to gather them, it is necessary to destroy environment materials. If you feel the need to discover new world, get Cefore free Download link and play the character of a pleasant scientist.

Mechanics – review

Player keeps track of the action presented in Cefore from the third person perspective (TPP). The aim of gameplay is primarily visiting moderately vast locations which are marked by relatively varied structure. The main character also has to solve environment mysteries of any kind of wide level of complexity and advancement. Mainly, they are based on the destruction of the environment to what the player can use a dozen useful tools. If you want to try out all of them, get Cefore game pc Download link and solve even the most difficult mysteries. Jet-powered backpack allows the player e.g. to get to hard to reach and high located places. On the other hand, explosive loads can efficiently trash bigger construction areas and balloons give a possibility to transport the heaviest items.


Most of riddles developed by the authors of Cefore is very original. Player has to show creativity to solve the most difficult ones. However, in case of most of the problems there are several possible solutions. Making progress allows the player to unblock the access to improving the ship. Due to it, player has an opportunity to travel to further locations and even visit next planets. If you want to travel across the space, get Cefore game Download link and achieve as much as you can. Progress in game also allows the player to buy new costumes for the main character.


In terms of graphic setting, Cefore is a title given in expressly fairy-tale stylistics. Characteristic game setting can be appreciated what the entire production engine influences undoubtedly. Due to it, particular constructions explode and collapse according to the laws of physics. If you want to admire spectacular effects during the travelling, get Cefore free Download link and explore unknown planets. Production distinguishes itself with catchy light soundtrack with whose accompanying the player can have adventures with Baro and encountered trivia from the further worlds.

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Hardware requirements:

  • Processor: Quad Core
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 2 GB GeForce GTX 770 or better
  • Disk space: 1 GB HDD
  • Operating system: Windows 7

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