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Ancient Cities created by Uncasual Games studio is a developed RTS. Title connects classic strategy and the simplest elements of RTS mechanics, simulator of building the city and survival. Firstly, production was developed for Unity platform but over time developers decided to use an authorial engine. Developer and Publisher: Uncasual Games. PC Release date: 2019. Platforms: Microsoft Windows PC.

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Plot – review

Game action starts in the Neolith period also called the younger Stone Age. Then, people started to branch off from nomadism in favour of sedentary life. Establishing first settlements was dictated by easier access to food through the animal farming and plant cultivation. Gamer plays the character of leader of his own tribe and his task is to provide the inferiors with food and security. Their survival and development depend solely on the decision made by the leader. If you want to become a model of a wise leader, get Ancient Cities free Download and take care of your devoted people.


The player’s aim is to collect raw materials, mostly to raise defensive structures and buildings. In this way, it is possible to provide workers with suitable tools and take care of their safety. Leader can also prepare high places of ancestors and raise monuments to restrain local gods. The lack of their mercy results in occurring wild and hostile climate and the entire game starts to resemble survival game. If you want to prove your skills of a good leader, use Ancient Cities PC Download full version link and try to give clemency to supernatural phenomena. Resources for developing tribe can exhaust very fast what is also caused by dynamic ecosystem. Neolith is famous for many natural disasters and climate changes what also influences the entire game. A huge amount of player’s duties focuses on the society. Its every representative has individual skills, statistics and talents and, therefore, game is similar to RPG titles. The leader’s role is to assign tasks to his inferiors efficiently what very often is the basis of their survival.


In many ways Ancient Cities resembles other strategies of real time and simulators of managing the city. In the area you can also find other tribes having diverse attitude to the player. Some of them give an opportunity of trade while the remaining ones tend to rob. Present your skills and get Ancient Cities torrent link to cooperate with neighbouring settlements efficiently. Very relevant element of the whole game is the technology tree due to which it is possible to refine techniques of cultivation and making the tools and to improve other methods simplifying life of Neolithic people. Due to suitable actions of the player, even simple gathering-hunting settlement can very fast transform into developed village surrounded by palisade or even one of the first cities including tough earthen houses. Technological development influences directly the way of managing the inferiors.

Ancient Cities free Download PC

Ancient Cities Download

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