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Flight Unlimited 2K18 is a flight simulating game. In terms of theme and title, Flight Unlimited 2K18 corresponds quite a lot to cult cycle that was developed by Looking Glass Technologies in the 90s. The game is a direct continuation of Flight Unlimited Las Vegas as well as Flight Unlimited 2K16, which were available on mobile platforms before they arrived at personal computers. If you enjoy flight simulating games, use Flight Unlimited 2K18 Download and become the real ace of skies. Developer and Publisher: Flight Systems LLC. PC Release date: 2019. Platforms: Microsoft Windows PC.

Flight Unlimited 2K18 Download full version PC

Flight Unlimited 2K18 steam

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Game mechanics

Flight Unlimited 2K18 is a relatively realistic, and at the same time quite intuitive flight simulator. Piloting particular aircrafts requires paying attention to real aspects, such as air resistance, lift force, thrust, and many other physical as well as mechanical elements. If you have always wanted to become a professional pilot, we encourage you to get Flight Unlimited 2K18 free Download and practice your skills. In the game there are twenty-five machines that distinguish from each other in terms of maneuverability, mass, or drive system. Thanks to that, piloting slow, mini glider, a passenger plane, or a Flighter jet provides us with entirely different experience.


Particular missions in Flight Unlimited 2K18 requires from the player not only keeping the plane in the air. The real challenge are the situations, where we lose control over the vehicle or there is an engine damaged. In order to avoid disaster, it is necessary to handle the machine in time. The goal of the entertainment can also be landing in hard-to-reach places, like for example on the bridge. The player can also take part in historical spy missions as well as aerial Flights that took place in the Second World War. The clashes are well-presented and greatly refined thanks to which completely different machines can be part of the Flight.

Game modes

Flight Unlimited 2K18 allows you to play in free game mode, thanks to which the player can fly over available locations without performing any specific activities. Campaign game mode includes approximately 50 unique missions, like for example reconnaissance or evacuation flights. The production is also filled with multiplayer game mode, where even outdated civil machines have got the chance to Flight with modern Flighters. Use Flight Unlimited 2K18 game pc Download links and indulge in an aviation adventure.

Technical side

While playing, players can choose between the view from inside the cockpit, and third party perspective. All aircraft models present very well, and realistic locations were reconstructed thanks to high resolution satellite images. The players can visit, among other cities, Las Vegas or San Francisco. The level of realism is additionally increased thanks to the introduction of day and night cycle, as well as effective weather conditions system. If you enjoy playing realistic simulator, have a look at Flight Unlimited 2K18 full version installer and sit behind the steers of every vehicle.

Flight Unlimited 2K18 free Download on PC

Flight Unlimited 2K18 download

Free Download!

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