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Session is a PC game that is a great skateboarding simulation. The creators provide an open map to explore in search of places where you can perform both simple and difficult skateboarding tricks. This is a must for all those interested in sports games. If you want to try your hand at a skateboarding simulation game, click on full version Session Download and become the next Tony Hawk. Developer and Publisher: Crea-ture Studios. PC Release date: 2019. Platforms: PC, XONE.

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Pure joy without judging

In the game, you focus on finding the best locations; Those can range from railings to grind on (slide down the barrier on the front, rear, or all wheels) to walls to perform a wall ride (riding into a wall and off it; of course, during this stunt, the skater must jump slightly on the board for it to land vertically). Of course, you explore the terrain and find ramps that you can perform various evolutions on. If you want to check how each of these evolutions works and do some cool tricks, click on Session free Download, and maybe after many attempts you will try some simple tricks in real life. This game certainly promotes physical activity. There is no rating system in the game, everyone performs the tricks they are capable of. You can even record them. Thanks to this, the community can share their personal achievements in the virtual version of this street sport.

To make the most faithful recreation of skateboarding

The Session creators made sure the performed evolutions would reflect the difficulty level in real life as faithfully as possible. Skateboarding itself is in a sense demanding because you have to learn to maintain the proper body balance so that you can start from riding on a simple terrain, to perform simple, and over time, more complex stunts. Taking care of your board also helps you perform better. For example, if waxed, the board offers a longer slide on the railings and on its edges. If you want to try virtual skateboarding also at night, click on Session PC Download where you can ride around the clock. You can record and share your night performances with other players. High-quality graphics provide all details, including each and every trick, and the beautiful surroundings where you perform them.

Skateboarding simulations can be great fun not only for skaters who can look at individual tricks and then try to recreate them but also for those who want to practice their reflexes and perceptiveness. To come out properly, slides must be performed at a specific speed with the right transition. On the other hand, perceptiveness will be useful in looking for other places, not visited by other skaters, to do complex evolutions. The more complicated the place to perform them, the greater the admiration of the player community. Session provides a lot of uncontrollable fun.

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