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GTR 3 is a car racing simulator that was developed by SimBin studio (developer and publisher). Although the name of the company is relatively unknown to a wider audience, it is worth knowing that it had experience with similar projects, offering players access to the highest class of virtual entertainment. PC Release date: 2019. Platforms: PC, PS4, XONE.

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A few words about the game…

As we already mentioned, GTR 3 is a car racing simulator. Its strength lies in the use of official GT and WTCC licenses. Thanks to this, the game creates the impression of exceptional realism, with examples ranging from individual cars to their parts.

The depth of realism

The realism mentioned before is related not only to vehicles used in races and the components implemented in them. On the contrary – it covers the entire spectrum of races, including the perfectly emulated racetracks and the specific way you drive each car. So if you want to know how to drive the best and fastest cars in the world, be sure to GTR 3 game download on your computer and enjoy the capabilities of a top-level simulator. Discover how dynamic a simple race can be.

Realism, which remained the main goal of the creators, is also linked with the implemented multiplayer mode. Now online racing is even more spectacular. Success often depends not so much on the skills of the driver as on the components that are part of the vehicle.

For old and new players

The creators of GTR 3 have created a game that – although professional – can be great entertainment for novice drivers as well. How? All thanks to a nicely programmed user interface that offers control not just on a professional level, but also on easy mode for beginners. Of course, the latter mode leads to simplification of some of the functions and capabilities of the car, but nevertheless, it gives beginners, especially children, the opportunity to play. So if you like racing games, but do not want to compete with real pros, download GTR 3 for free and… gain experience. With a little bit of time, you will become a skilled driver that can race with the best!

A few game modes

As befits a good racing game, GTR 3 has a few different gameplay modes. If you want to discover them all, be sure to GTR 3 download PC and check out how fun and unforgettable a good racing game can be.

The multiplayer introduced in the game deserves special attention. With the right link parameters, you can have a great time at the highest speeds. It is also worth noting that in GTR 3 you can race against the computer, which requires you only to choose the right difficulty level for you virtual competitor.

The game also benefits from an interesting graphical interface and a highly motivating soundtrack.

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