Deadwood The Forgotten Curse Download

Deadwood: The forgotten Curse is an effective action adventure game with survival elements. The game was developed and produced by Steamroller. Publisher: Team 17. PC Release date: 2019. Platforms: PC, PS4, XONE.

Deadwood The Forgotten Curse Download

Deadwood The Forgotten Curse download

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Plot – review

The main hero of the campaign is Lathe. Lathe is a boy made of wood. He lives in forest on a daily basis. He is a very intelligent and talented inventor. A stone giant Roguard is his inseparable companion who accompanies him during adventures. Both of them have a common goal, they have to resist the attack of wooden zombies. They have to ensure that the curse responsible for the birth of these creatures do not spread to the rest of the Knottington kingdom. To be able to take part in this amazing story, get Deadwood The Forgotten Curse free Download and save the world presented in the game. During the adventures the heroes encounters the magical Deodar tree. It turns out that the cause of the whole evil appeared because there are poisoned fruits growing on its branches. Ages ago a group of several stone giants managed to seal dangerous fruits. Evil have been stopped. Unfortunately, someone has stolen one of the filthy seeds which started the tragedy again.


During the day for the safety of the main character is responsible Roguard. This provides the opportunity to explore the world freely and safely. You can collect the necessary resources and do the tasks; all this allows to make progress in the story. When the night comes, stone giant must go to sleep. The player therefore must fight alone and protect your companion. To be able to learn about all the features get Deadwood The Forgotten Curse pc Download and check yourself out in both situations in the day and night.


The player can observe game action from a camera located high above the hero’s head from third person view. The game is characterised by the arcade combat system in which you can use equipment made by you. The possibility to craft your own weapons is not all, you can also build traps and defensive structures. If you want to check all features that are available be sure to get Deadwood The Forgotten Curse game pc Download, I am sure that you will love this unique but intuitive game controls and features. During the battles your task is to use your firearms skilfully. If you do so the battles will resemble old school shooters.

The structure of the world

The world presented in the Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse has an open structure. The player is not limited in any way. You can explore in every direction; however, the vast majority of regions can be too dangerous and demanding for beginners. In addition to the typical sandbox game, you can also take part in many missions. Each completed mission brings the main heroes closer to the main goal. Additionally, the player can learn about individual beings and the secrets of the world.

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