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Do you feel like becoming a boy, who has got extraordinary skills and you wish to traverse the fantasy world with him? Use Vane download right away! It is an adventurous exploration game, where we will move ourselves to the land inspired by oriental cultures. You will experience extraordinary adventures there. PC Release date: 15.01.2019. Platforms: PC, PS4.

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Review Vane – incredible exploration game by Fiend & Foe independent studio

Vane is an exploration production that was created by an indie studio called Friend & Foe (developer and publisher). The studio was formed by five people with huge experience. They worked with such productions as Bionic Commando, Battlefield 3, The Last Guardian, or Killzone. The game is available in English language version.

In the game we take the role of a young lad, who is gifted with extraordinary abilities. For example, he can transform into colorful bird and fly in the air. The boy stuck in a strange, unknown reality. We will have to traverse this fantastic land that is loosely inspired by the culture of ancient India and the world of Orient, discovering new places and solving logical puzzles. As we can see in the presented demo version, the world depicted in the game is beautiful, mysterious, and filled with majestic buildings and ruins. Feeling like getting to know this incredibly world? Do you want to know what’s waiting for the boy with supernatural abilities? Use Vane free Download right now and you won’t regret it!

Game mechanics

In the game we will have the possibility to move freely in the large, open world in any order chosen by us. We can complete all the tasks, solving logical puzzles of different type. The actions of our hero can be observed from the third person perspective. Since the game is relatively new, it is difficult to precisely indicate which tasks will be the most demanding, and what exact powers our character possesses. One cannot be even sure how the gameplay will look like. Authors of the game – Friend & Doe studio, presented demo version, trailer, and several in-game screens. They all present a very interesting production. The depicted world is intriguing, and the graphics is well refined. The title gives the impression of uniquely climatic.


Vane is a game available in single player game mode. Despite the fact we don’t exactly know how the gameplay may look, it seems that this is one of the most promising premieres in 2018. It is not going to be an action game for people, who love dynamic shootings and blood, but the offer for those, who like to freely and slowly explore particular locations, enjoy the atmosphere, and pay attention to the smallest details. The atmosphere of the game is additionally built up by music. Due to graphics and open structure of the world, Vane resembles “Shadow of the Colossus” to some extent. If you feel like moving to this unique world and see what adventures are waiting for a boy with supernatural powers, use Vane game download links.

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Vane download

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