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The history of Titanic voyage has been the inspiration for many artist and culture authors for over one hundred years. Just recall the James Cameron movie from 1997, which up until managed to stay one of the most profitable cinema productions. Authors of games were reaching for dramatic history of transatlantic cruises as well. However, just until recently we received the product that may fully satisfy you. You don’t believe us? Search in your browser: Full version Titanic Honor and Glory Download to see for yourself that we are not fooling around. Developer: ORM Enterainment. PC Release date: 2019. Platforms: PC, PS4, XONE.

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Titanic Honor and Glory download

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What developers have offered us from independent studio called ORM Entertainment? Titanic Honor and Glory is a first person adventurous game, whose essential is not quick action, but detailed exploration of huge ship as well as revealing its mysteries. The storyline of the game focuses around Robert Morgan, who manages to go through the securities and enter the ship while escaping from the police. From this moment the goal of the hero is not to sail to the target destination calmly, but to cleanse himself from the accusations that weigh on him. It is all up to us whether we decide to help him in that or if we decide to freely roam around the ship and explore all its nooks and corners. The second suggestion is much more interesting, especially when we realize that the ship was constructed with great care and the number of available places, where we can go, is enormous. The authors from ORM Entertainment studio has done a great job because they put a lot of efforts in order to acquire as much information as it was possible about the fatal cruise of 1912. Thanks to that the product provides the player not only with a great deal of entertainment, but guarantees educational value.

If you wish to spend nice hours before you screen of your monitor and find out more about the most famous transatlantic voyage in the history, then do not hesitate and click Titanic Honor and Glory free Download, so you can find out yourself how the advantages of the product cooperate with each other. If you feel like walking around the ship is boring, and this type of game won’t provide you any emotions, then we believe that you will be positively surprised. All you need to do is to recall how the story of Titanic ends to figure out that the authors of the game used this fragment of the story in order to provide us with much more dramatic plot in the game. While playing, we will like and identify our figure to this extent that we will only want our protagonist to get away from the justice and save him from the death in ice-cold water.

Incredible advantage of this game is beautiful graphics. The game was made on CryEngine 3 graphics engine, which was also used in Crysis 2. The authors of the game realized how important in this game high quality of textures and visual effects are. Because of that, they managed to fulfil our expectations. See for yourself, Download Titanic Honor and Glory to see how amazing visual settings are. With all the titles presenting fictional and unrealistic world, the production of ORM Entertainment might be very interesting diversity.

Titanic Honor and Glory Download full version

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