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Black The Fall is an adventurous arcade game, which was designed and created by the independent studio called Sand Sailor Studio (developer). Creators from the group Square-Enix (publisher) decyded to give a support to the studio and together they released Black The Fall, which is the part of the Square Enix Collective program. Its goal is to aid the independent creators. As for the game, it is available for PC Windows platform and it already gained quite positive feedback. Thanks to that crowd-funding companies from pages like Kickstarter decided to support them. If you are the fan of all types of arcade games set in very dark and gloomy realities, then Black The Fall will surely astonish you. Get Black The Fall Download right now and personate the role of a main hero, who will do anything to fight of the regime. PC Release date: 11.07.2017. Platforms: PC, PS4, XONE. Switch.

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The action of the game takes place in a communist world, where citizens are completely subordinated to the prevailing regime. This industrial reality can cause chills and shivers. The player takes the role of main hero named Black, who is the employee of one of many factories that exploit people and feed on them. However, one day when the doors of the factory are damaged, Black decides to takes that chance and tries to escape. He wants to regain his freedom that was lost to work in the factory and to the reign of regime.

The whole action of the game is presented in the side perspective, and the main task the player has to do is to explore mysterious world that surrounds us and other people. The user needs to remember that during gameplay there will be plenty of traps and obstacles on our path, and the storyline is filled with varied environmental puzzles. Black has a job to explore locations, including the factory itself, gray and neglected city, as well as many other unpleasant places. There is a special “designator” at our disposal. Thanks to that we can take control over employees, machines, as well as interesting creatures that are friendly towards us. The hero has got high stealth skills thanks to which we can freely avoid enemies and other machines. This dystopian world presented in the game tries to squash the people down, but Black has to prevent that at all costs. If you are the fan of adventure games, where you can show your incredible skills and you wish to use the strength of the enemies against themselves, then this title will become your favorite. Download Black The Fall full version as soon as possible and roam this dark, gloomy world in the search of lost freedom.

The game definitely distinguishes itself from other competitive titles thanks to its very economic, even gray coloring. The only element that strikes above anything else in the game is red color. In most cases, the player observes the events from the side. However, there are moments, where the camera performs very effective close-ups thanks to which the whole action is presented in movie perspectives. The visual level of the game and its graphics deserve recognition, just like the issues of animations. The main hero moves incredibly agile and in a very natural way, interacting from time to time with particular elements of surrounding world. If you are interested how the fate of Black will carry on, then this production should land in your library very quickly. Black The Fall free Download should be gotten at your computer very quickly. Fight with the regime that is trying to take away your freedom and make you a humble, slavery worker.

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Black The Fall download

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Hardware requirements:

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD 2500 or better
  • Disk space: 150 MB HDD
  • Operating system: Windows XP(SP2)/7/8

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