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Downward is a game created by independent, Italian developer studio Caracal Games. This game is a great mix of mystery, post-apocalyptic vision, first-person player parkour, and sandbox. Do you like dynamic and incredibly absorbing games? Then you should focus on Downward Download and enjoy pure gaming entertainment. Publisher: Indie Gala. PC Release date: 13.07.2017. Platforms: Microsoft Windows PC.

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Downward pc download

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In this production we personate a mysterious wanderer, who discovers a world once gain. However, it isn’t an ordinary reality – the whole world was completely destroyed according to the words in the St. John’s Apocalypse. So, we will be part of amazing travel and discovery of the fallen civilization. Are you the fan of puzzling mysteries? Do you want to experience an unforgettable adventure? Then get Downward pc game Download and we promise that nothing will be the same. It is not easy to reach the desired destination. We have to overcome many obstacles and solve a lot of logical puzzles before we do that. Our grey cells will definitely be useful in here, and once gathered skills of parkour will let us move throughout the game smoothly.

Downward had its debut on the market at Winter in 2016. With the thought of users of PC computers this action game was created. The world can be explored in the first person. Downward has also the elements of platform game. The Italian studio Caracal Games decided to present post-apocalyptic surroundings in a fantastic manner. The human civilization and each and every living thing was destroyed in the Middle Age. Everything takes place a thousand years after the horrifying disaster. The players become a peculiar survivor, who observe the tremendous tragedy of the whole world. Our missions is very needed – we are looking for the knowledge and artefact connected with the phenomenon of the apocalypse. Are you interested in the history and apocalyptic vision? Would you like to know more? Get Downward free Download immediately and see on your own eyes. We promise you are not going to regret a moment spent in the game.

The production is surely gripping and it requires intellectual effort. That is why it serves as a great way to develop your grey cells. The world explored by us has an open structure and it was designed in the way everyone will want to explore. There are a lot of reasons to be happy because the character of this production is very capable – both in a physical and mental way. He can access each and every place that are seemingly inaccessible for ordinary mortals. Thanks to that the game is unconventional and it provides much more adrenaline. Defeating large distances grants new experience, because we can use mounts. At every step we have to keep your hands on the pulse. Hikes can be deadly dangerous, especially when traps are waiting for us. The game requires from us to be precise in our actions, commitment and accurate assessment of every situation. Our reflex will also be tested because the producers prepared a lot of competitions, challenges, puzzles and other logical rebuses.

Every level can be finished by spending approximately 10 hours. We encourage to take the game into your collection and try out your own skills.

Downward Download Full Version

Downward free download

Free Download!

Hardware requirements:

  • Processor: Intel Core i3-3220
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1 GB GeForce GTX 750 or better
  • Disk space: 7 GB HDD
  • Operating system: Windows 7 64-bit

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