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RPG games, called alternatively computer role-playing games, is a genre in which the most important player’s role is the control (often in a fictitious world) of one or a few characters that can co-operate with one another.

Game’s interface

Most often, RPGs games have a form of three-dimensional gameplay, in which the characters are watched from a third-person perspective. The games storyline is usually woven in an imaginary world, in which representatives of various nations fight against each other (for instance humans, goblins, dwarves or elves). The RPG characteristic is the possibility of constant development of the player’s character, often depending on the obtained abilities and artefacts possessed (or financial resources). In Role-Playing games, the role of the character controlled by the player is often to fight the opponents, but also to support other, frequently independent characters.

Kinds of game

The RPG’s gameplay can be set in various realities of the presented world, and the most frequently found are worlds of fantasy and science fiction (more rarely steampunk). The most popular games of this kind are Final Fantasy (jRPG), and Might and Magic. RPG games are usually divided into the following subgenres:

  • hack and slash
  • jRPG
  • roguelike

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