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German studio called Piranha Bytes is responsible for creation of cult series Gothic. Once again they decided to positively surprise all the fans of cRPG games set in fantasy world by releasing third edition of the TPP game Risen. Studio proved that this game isn’t worse than previous ones in any aspect but probably better, more absorbing and this is due to the introduction of new, interesting elements, addictive plot and spectacular scenery. All these factors combine into one truly attractive for the player result. We receive production that will surely provide a lot of hours of great time accompanied by magic world set in the medieval times. We will also find references to previous parts – there will be opportunity to enter into the dark world of true magic, remind good old pirate times and visit few tropical islands where each and every one will show us a lot of things. Platforms: Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360. Release Date: August 12, 2014. Publisher: Deep Silver.

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Risen 3 Titan Lords pc download

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See how the world looks like in the new version of Risen! What’s the new in here and what you already know from previous parts? Come on, enter further and get Risen 3 Titan Lords Download right now. Protagonist of third part is the son of Captain Steelbeard and Patty’s brother. We meet our character in quite unpleasant circumstances. His soul is taken from him by Shadow Lord. The game will begin in the moment when we start introducing our hero into the corners of Risen 3 PS4, X360, PC universe. Our personal choices will shape the identity of the hero (whether he decides to go into a dark path and if he won’t distance himself from humanity too far). We have to choose one of three factions hence one of the three schools of magic in which we can access specific tasks. The most popular games produced by Piranha Bytes are Elex.

Our hero will develop, grow in strength, earn glory points, acquire new skills and attributes as well as wander world far and wide in exact way we want. Developers of the fantasy game have left players a lot of free space and when it comes to movement and decision-making, there is a lot of things we can do in activities of our hero life. Click Risen 3 Titan Lords Download to get to know the truest possibilities of the Nameless hero.

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While playing Risen 3: Titan Lords we will experience real journey that will be shaped according to our preferences. On our map there will be several different parts of the mainland and the islands, which can be visited by us in random order and meet the specifications of all of them. And indeed, there is a lot of things to visit. Not only did we have to deal with beautiful graphics manifested in spectacular landscapes but also we will be preoccupied by extremely interesting tasks. We are going to learn magic, polish our numerous gifts play arcade mini-games and battle with monsters. Innovation introduced in third part of the Risen game is the ability to block opponents’ blows. We can also change the enemy during a fight and teleport ourselves. We have a lot of weapons to choose from. There are both firearms and cold steel weapons. We can also support ourselves with numerous spells. If you want to know that interesting combat system, play third part of Risen. We recommend – Risen 3: Titan Lords Download!

At the end it is worth mentioning another important asset of the game. Heavily varied locations that gives access to a countless amount of passages, bridges, villages, caves, lakes. It’s a huge thing for players who like roam freely in the game and meet new, interesting locations. The graphics and soundtrack is due to Genome Engine already used in the previous part. Price on steam: 14,99 USD.

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Risen 3: Titan Lords system requirements recommend:

  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5 2.5 GHz or better.
  • Graphics: 1 GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 470 or better.
  • Operating system: Windows® Vista(SP2)/7(SP1)/8.
  • Disk space: 8 GB HDD.
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM.

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