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RPG games, called alternatively computer role-playing games, is a genre in which the most important player’s role is the control (often in a fictitious world) of one or a few characters that can co-operate with one another.

Game’s interface

Most often, RPGs games have a form of three-dimensional gameplay, in which the characters are watched from a third-person perspective. The games storyline is usually woven in an imaginary world, in which representatives of various nations fight against each other (for instance humans, goblins, dwarves or elves). The RPG characteristic is the possibility of constant development of the player’s character, often depending on the obtained abilities and artefacts possessed (or financial resources). In Role-Playing games, the role of the character controlled by the player is often to fight the opponents, but also to support other, frequently independent characters.

Kinds of game

The RPG’s gameplay can be set in various realities of the presented world, and the most frequently found are worlds of fantasy and science fiction (more rarely steampunk). The most popular games of this kind are Final Fantasy (jRPG), and Might and Magic. RPG games are usually divided into the following subgenres:

  • hack and slash
  • jRPG
  • roguelike

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Beast Quest Download

Would you like to take part in an extraordinary adventure which happens in the fantasy world? The world is known from series of novels from Polad called “On the trail of the beast“. Get Beast …
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These days RPG games are very desirable. You can become whoever you want to be. Monster Hunter World Download is one of these roleplay games. When it comes to quality there is nothing to complain …
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Biomutant Download

Biomutant is an RPG game placed in postapocalyptic science fiction world. The game puts a lot of emphasis on duels (arcade combat system). The developers created a game which combines three games: Fallout, The Whitcher …
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Willy-Nilly Knight Download

Willy-Nilly Knight is a RPG production developed for PCs with Windows system. Action of the title taking place in the actual time connects turn-based fighting system and exploration of an open world. Game was created …
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Dark Souls: Remastered Download

Dark Soul: Remastered is an improved version of Dark Souls released in 2011. The production was improved almost solely in terms of visual setting which has been developed considerably. Bandai Namco Entertainment (publisher) was responsible …
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Adventurous games have always been the source of satisfaction, since it provides us with the chance to fulfil ourselves on many different angles. Thanks to Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire Download links you can try …
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Battle Chasers Nightwar Download

Independent studio Airship Syndicate (developer) (that is composed of former members of Virgil Games studio) presented quite interesting RPG production with strong references to typical fantasy productions. The game was made on the foundations of …
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Fallout 4 VR Download

Fallout 4 VR is a special version of the game Fallout 4 and it is destined for virtual reality goggles. The production offers us the same things we could see in the basic edition of …
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Victor Vran: Overkill Edition Download

Victor Vran: Overkill Edition is an extended edition of the game that appeared on Windows PC platform in 2015. The new title includes two additional plots that allows you to explore completely new lands and …
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Labyrinth in an unconventional game created exclusively for computers. Also it is a typical online fantasy game that connects elements of strategy, cards game and role playing game.
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The Surge Download

The Surge is a characteristic RPG game set in a science-fiction climate. Here, we personate a regular man equipped in a special skeleton. The game was made by Deck13 Interactive (developer).
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Gloria Victis Download

Gloria Victis / Ether Fields was designed by independent team of Polish producers, who came from Black Eye Games studio (developer and publisher). This independent team composed of 30 people has brought to life this …