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Victor Vran: Overkill Edition is an extended edition of the game that appeared on Windows PC platform in 2015. The new title includes two additional plots that allows you to explore completely new lands and face new monsters. Haemimont Games (developer) is the studio responsible for the creation of this amazing title as well as its previous edition. The game is typical role playing action game that was presented in an isometric view. Overkill Edition will be available not only for PCs but also on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. If you had a chance to play in the first edition of the game then second one will be an extra fun for you a new level of entertainment. Download Victor Vran: Overkill Edition, be a monster hunter and deal with the most dangerous creatures. Publisher: Wired Productions. PC Release date: 06.06.2017.

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Victor Vran: Overkill Edition Download

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The players take the role of the main character of the game – Victor Vran, who is a fearless monster hunter. In addition, he is also incomparable, perfect warrior that doesn’t know what the fear is and he is always ready to battle. In the campaign mode, Vran goes to a land called Zagrovia to find his lost friend. However, he shortly finds out that the villagers of these lands are threaten by bloodthirsty monster.  The hunter must use his abilities and skills to deal with the danger. In DLC that is called Fractured Worlds, Vran goes to a brand new realm that was created from the pieces of other realms. The hero’s job is to explore four endless and terrifying dungeons that are changing each day. Additionally, the hunter must also visit endless undergrounds that are called Fracture.

In the second DLC called Motorhead: Through the Ages, Vran has to purify the three presented world from demons. To accomplish this mission, the hunter needs to use the power of an immortal team. The Motorhead team had an active contribution in creating it. All three musicians, including bass player that passed away, appear in the game. In addition, the creators of the game decided to pay a tribute to the group, and many locations that Vran visits refer to the names of Moorhead’s songs. An example of it may be Pub in The End of Time. Add some nice variations to your game collections and download Victor Vran: Overkill Edition full version so you can deal with all the terrible and dangerous monsters that are the real threat for all of humanity.

All Victor Vran’s fights take place in the real time. On the other hand the player’s manual skills have huge impact when it comes to the Victory. For every enemy we defeat we gain experience points that can be spent on very different purposes, including the upgrades of the main hero. The developers resigned from the class system, so our hero can wear whatever you like, but the abilities of him depend on the type of the weapon he uses. The player have firearms, various type of rifles or rifles that shots lighting balls, as well as melee weapons like hammers, scythes or swords at his disposal. In the game we also can find a cooperation system where you can play with up to four players. Victor Vran: Overkill Edition free Download, take the role of the cruel monster killer and deal with the most frightening opponents.

Victor Vran: Overkill Edition free Download PC

Victor Vran free Download

Free Download!

Hardware requirements:

  • Processor: Dual Core 2 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1 GB GeForce 460/Radeon HD 4870 X2
  • Disk space: 6 GB HDD
  • Operating system: Windows Vista(SP2)/7/8

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