Category: Racing

The racing games are a very popular kind of computer games. The player’s role here is to win a race, or to complete it in the shortest time.

The game’s specifics and it’s interface

In terms of the interface, race games are divided into two basic kinds. In the first one the player is placed directly inside the cockpit, and from its level he watches the track and other racing competitors. Also very popular are third-person race games, in which the camera is placed directly behind the particular vehicle. Obviously, racing games are not limited to driving cars, but also to a number of others vehicles, some of which are very innovative.

Kinds of games

The most popular race games are the series Need for Speed and Forza Motorsport. In many similar productions the player’s task is not only racing on the track, but also – as far as it’s possible – developing his own vehicle and the character that drives it. There are also games in which the player doesn’t have to race, but he manages, for instance, a team of technicians whose task is to optimize a given vehicle for a particular race.

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MXGP3 game download

MXGP3 Download

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Test Drive Unlimited game download

Test Drive Unlimited Download

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FlatOut 4 Free Download

FlatOut 4 Total Insanity Download

FlatOut 4: Total Insanity is fourth part of crazy series focused on total demolition. The French studio Kylotonn Entertainment (developer) is responsible for the production – which is a new squad that helped Strategy First …
NFS Carbon Download

Need for Speed Carbon Download

Need for Speed Carbon is yet another instalment of one of the most popular arcade racing series in the world. The player once again has the chance to participate in various duels on road, especially …
Project CARS 2 game download

Project CARS 2 Download

Project CARS 2 is a continuation of the first part that appeared on the market in 2015. Similarly to the first instalment, the studio Slightly Mad was the developer and publisher. They are known to …
DiRT 4 game download

DiRT 4 Download Full Version

DiRT 4 is yet another part of very popular racing games. The title is the work of Codemasters Software (developer & publisher), the team that puts great emphasis on off-road races. There is a vast …
DiRT Showdown free download

DiRT Showdown Download

DiRT game series refers to racing simulators, but over the years in the subsequent parts, more options appeared – typically associated with racing, as well as a loose relaxed entertainment and fun oriented. DiRT Showdown …
Next Car Game Wreckfest Free Download

Next Car Game Wreckfest Download

Do you like fast driving and racing without any censorship? Do you love to race causing huge damage? You think that the greater the damage the more fun? It is a sign that you should …
Ride 2 torrent

RIDE 2 Download

Do you enjoy riding motorcycle? Do you wish to buy a one in the future but you can’t decide which one? Or maybe you want to try out how to drive on the motorcycle? Download …
Moto Racer 4

Moto Racer 4 Download

Fast ride, unbelievable machines, and wide possibilities are the passwords that can be used to summarize the fourth edition of the cult, arcade series Moto Racer. The history of the series began in 1997, and …
WRC 6 game Kylotonn

WRC 6 Download

Would you like to fill on your skin the excitement related to FIA World Rally Championship by sitting behind the wheel of amazing car? Now it is possible – thanks to WRC 6, which is …