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Would you like to fill on your skin the excitement related to FIA World Rally Championship by sitting behind the wheel of amazing car? Now it is possible – thanks to WRC 6, which is a game based on completely realistic competition. Download WRC 6 and feel the taste of adrenaline and speed. A studio that specializes in really emotional games, Kylotonn Games, created a series of games named after the official automotive events. Game based on the realities allows you to see how much pressure rests on a rally driver and how much hoy a triumphant cross through the finish line can give.

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A few words about the series

Launched in 2010, the series of games has been developed under the license from the International Automobile Federation. Thanks to this patronage, one can be sure that the games are realistic, well-designed, they are just faithfully give the atmosphere. Rally simulations slowly gained a fan base, and with time (and with the development of the graphics applied in games) they became really likeable and anticipated titles. From the previous edition, WRC 5 that is, a producer of the games has been changed. New studio made sure to accustom themselves in creating unforgettable racing games. WRC 6 Download is here to see if not experienced in rallies studios managed to cope with the newest instalment of the series.

Game mechanics

During the game the driver can test his skills in all, fourteen rounds of this year’s Championship. The game faithfully reproduces the current season. For example, the Rally of China returns after many years of absence. It is a very-well produced extreme drive simulator. The player has the chance to become the driver of any team present in the championships, including WRC-2 and Junior WRC competitions.

The studio that created the game since WRC 5 version (there was different producer before) made sure to fulfil the expectations and meet the wishes of the players. Thanks to that the rally has gained transparency and realism, the roads became more difficult, routes longer, and the damaging system is much more consistent with the realities. If you personally want to try out the effect, which managed to be achieved thanks to the cooperation, click WRC 6 Download and enjoy plenty of adrenaline the game provides for the virtual drivers.

Available modes and technology

WRC 6 offers the players a variety of possibilities – you can race on special routes, build your own rally career or compete with others in multiplayer. The novelty in the game is a synchronization with an actual calendar of the Championships. If you want to participate in the Championships and along with the participants change the course of history by building an alternative history, click WRC 6 Download. In this way you can become an eSport WRC Champion! There is no joking around here. The rivalry does day by day, and the best are invited to semi-finals and finals just to compete against each other in the ultimate, thrilling gameplay.

WRC 6 clearly stands out compared to its predecessors by offering the players an extraordinary reality of sounds, vision, and even weather. While playing WRC 6 you can feel not only the atmosphere of Championships, but also personally participate in them by sitting behind the virtual wheel of sport car assisted with the cheers of viewers. The graphics in this part is clearly improved, so watching the created world is really satisfying. It is an adventure that no fan of motorization should miss!

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