Category: Racing

The racing games are a very popular kind of computer games. The player’s role here is to win a race, or to complete it in the shortest time.

The game’s specifics and it’s interface

In terms of the interface, race games are divided into two basic kinds. In the first one the player is placed directly inside the cockpit, and from its level he watches the track and other racing competitors. Also very popular are third-person race games, in which the camera is placed directly behind the particular vehicle. Obviously, racing games are not limited to driving cars, but also to a number of others vehicles, some of which are very innovative.

Kinds of games

The most popular race games are the series Need for Speed and Forza Motorsport. In many similar productions the player’s task is not only racing on the track, but also – as far as it’s possible – developing his own vehicle and the character that drives it. There are also games in which the player doesn’t have to race, but he manages, for instance, a team of technicians whose task is to optimize a given vehicle for a particular race.

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