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Prey is a kind of renewed game from 2006. Name of the game is also the same as the one from 2006. Apart from the title and the presence of aliens. Game genres are the same, nevertheless the games are very different from each other. Prey is the title released on PC Windows platform developed by known Arkane studio (developer), which to his credit already has such hits as Dishonored. Prey can be described as a shooter with elements of strong horror, game is clearly not designed for players with weak nerves. However, if you are a lover of all kinds of action games, like the theme of aliens and the fight for survival, this title is just for you. Download Prey Full Version and fight with aliens who want to conduct further experiments on you. Publisher: Bethesda Softworks. PC Release date: 05.05.2017. Platforms: PC, PS4, XONE.

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The story begins in 2032 on the space station Talos 1, which belongs to the corporation TransStar. Main character – Morhan Yu, (who can be either a woman or a man depending on the choice of the player; choose at the beginning) suddenly wakes up and learns that he/she is a part of a research project. He then finds out that the station was attacked by an alien race, and then taken over by them. Scientific experiment, which the player is a part of, is to improve the human race. From that moment, he has to run, defend himself or attack in order to somehow survive a rough start. Any firearms are not available to the player. This is not an ordinary shooter then. The game idea is to make player use available objects from surroundings and to use them to attack aliens or to defend yourself from the alien attacks. The player is to decide how to fulfill the tasks, so that he/she has a great amount of freedom of choice. The game uses intelligent simulation algorithms, which means that every time you play the action is different. Has the opportunity to play in a very interesting game with relentless fight with an alien civilization ever interested you? Prey 2017 free download and see for yourself what is means to fight for your live. Try to defeat an enemy you know nothing about!

Due to the lack of any available weapons, the hero has to cope in a different way. He finds weapon called “Gloo Gun” – an alien weapon, which shoot with sticky black goo. Despite its name, it works perfectly during a clash with the enemy – you can use it to stick your opponent to the floor or wall of the building, but also to explore the space station. Liniment is so plastic that it also can be used to build the stairs, with the help of which a player can get in the mysterious, previously inaccessible places. Another futuristic gadget is called “Recycle Charger”, by which a player can break down items in to pieces/parts. From such pieces/parts you can build another items. More useful items. If, of course the hero is in possession of their plans. Furthermore, character is equipped with neuromod, which as a result of an experiment has been placed in his body. Thanks to that our hero can copy aliens’ powers. If you use it on Mimik, you will gain the ability to change into any object. In the skirmish the player will encounter various alien races and will have to fight with them to survive. Duel with Mimik will not be the easiest due to the fact that it can become any object, and so you never know where he lurks. You should always be extremely careful because of that.

Prey is a unique action game, that will take us many hours without rest. An alien race threatening mankind is a big challenge to face. If we do not stop the actions aliens take, life of the entire planet will be endangered. Download Prey Codex and do not let the foreign culture eradicated humanity! Fight, attack and defend yourself, to eventually serve the entire human race!

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