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Call of Cthulhu free download

Call of Cthulhu Download

Call of Cthulhu is an extremely dark adventure game, which was additionally enriched with elements borrowed from stealth and survival horror games. Released by Focus Home Interactive (publisher), is the work of Cyanide Studio (developer), …
Black Mirror free download

Black Mirror Download

Black Mirror is a game which for sure will interest everyone who love the atmosphere of horror, elements of adventure games and puzzles. This game contains of it all – a bit of horror, a …
Scorn game download

Scorn Download

Scorn is a perfect game that combines horror theme with science-fiction. It is a first person action game that was inspired with the creations of famous Swiss painter H.R. Giger. During the game, we scatter …
7 Days to Die game download

7 Days to Die Download

7 Days to Die is a popular sandbox shooter game that combines post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies and survival elements. The action of the game takes place in the world with open structure. Thanks to …
The Evil Within 2 download

The Evil Within 2 Download

The Evil Within 2 is a dark survival horror, which was directed by Japanese producer Shinji Mikami. He is considered to be the co-creator of that genre. The production of popular developer, who is also …
Conarium game download

Conarium Download

Very popular game called Conarium is referring to the father of horrors – Lovecraft. In this well prepared production we impersonate the member of a group that supposed to go on a mission on Arctic.
Little Nightmares game download

Little Nightmares Download

Little Nightmares is a terrifying platform game that presents the world of childish nightmares in a more horrifying version. Tarsier Studios (developer) was the studio responsible for creating this game.
Agony game download

Agony Download

Agony is a typical survival horror game produced by Madmind Studio – the group created by the same people, who are responsible for such titles as Witcher, Sniper Ghost Warrior, etc. In this game we …
Dead Island 2 game download

Dead Island 2 Download

Dead Island 2 is another instalment of arcade survival game, which is a continuation of very well rated Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide. However, there was a change in the position of the developer. …
Husk game download

Husk Download

Husk is a survival horror released for PC Windows platform that is played in the third person perspective. The main hero of the game is Matthew Palmer, which after the train disaster tries to find …
Outlast game download

Outlast Download

Outlast is a very interesting survival horror production presented in the first person perspective. The title combines adventurous and action elements. The work is a debut project of Red Barrels studio (developer & publisher). The …
Prey game download

Prey Download

Prey is a kind of renewed game from 2006. Name of the game is also the same as the one from 2006. Apart from the title and the presence of aliens. Game genres are the …