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Yakuza Kiwami is another, after Yakuza 0, installment of Yakuza series available for Windows PC platform. The new gameplay is a comprehensive remake of the first entry of the series. If you want to feel the extraordinary climate of the Cherry Blossom Country and its criminal underground, get the Yakuza Kiwami Download and become a ruthless gangster. The creators, working on the improvements introduced in the Yakuza 0 gameplay, refreshed not only the audiovisuals, but also the gameplay model. The developer and publisher is still SEGA Company from Japan. Release date: 29.08.2017. Platforms: PC, PS4.

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Yakuza Kiwami download

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Storyline in Yakuza Kiwami

Yakuza Kiwami shows events taking place eight years after those of Yakuza 0, that is in 1995. The previous part’s hero, Kazuma Kiryu, have been climbing the ladder of the Tokyo criminal underworld. Now he has a high position and enjoys great respect in his circles. Want to become a high-ranking Tokyo gangster? Get the Yakuza Kiwami free Download and learn for yourself what the criminal side of Tokyo looks like. Everything goes well until some rainy night. Then a head of one the families working for Tojo – Dojima clan – kidnaps Yumi, the gangster’s friend. Not only Kazuma embarks on pursuit of the fugitives, but also his close colleague Akira Nishikiyama. He gets first to place where the kidnapped girl is hidden, and kills the kidnapper. It comes as a shock to the Tokyo criminal world. Kazuma, wanting to protect Akira from the deed’s consequences, takes the blame on himself and goes to jail for long ten years. His last and only wish is that his colleague, who escaped from the crime scene, took care of the kidnapped Yumi.

After leaving jail the gameplay’s hero has to deal with the changed reality. Because of the lost ten billion yens the Tojo clan is on a brink of civil war. The clues suggest that behind the money’s disappearance from one of the organization’s treasuries, is Kazuma’s friend, Yumi. The trouble is there’s no contact with her. The gangster, after leaving jail, has then to get back to the criminal underground and rebuild his position lost over years. And then to find Yumi and learn the truth.

Game’s mechanics

Yakuza Kiwami is a game that the player watches from a third-person perspective. Using the experience gained during work on the prequel, Yakuza 0, the creators improved the gameplay and combat model. Even though Yakuza series is very often compared to the iconic Grand Theft Auto, there are substantial differences between the two games. Yakuza doesn’t offer the player free movement around the whole city. Instead, a few locations were made, with each offering different attractions. Feel like visiting the Tokyo criminal underground? Get the Yakuza Kiwami PC Download and immerse in the darkest Tokyo corners. The basic weapon used in various styles of eastern martial arts are fists.

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Yakuza Kiwami download

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