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Twin Mirror is an adventure game with an ever-present sense of darkness and mystery. We play as 33-year-old Samuel, who, after breaking up with his girlfriend, arrives at his hometown of Basswood, West Virginia, for his friend’s funeral. After that, he wakes up in a hotel room covered in human blood. If this premise caught your attention, and you are also a fan of adventure games, be sure to click on Twin Mirror Download and discover the mystery behind the main character’s past. Developer: DONTNOD Entertainment. Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment. PC Release date: 2019. Platforms: PC, XONE, PS4.

Twin Mirror Download Full Version Game PC

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Detective adventure game – a journey into the main character’s mind

What is the most interesting in detective games is the psychological analysis of the main character. At first, we learn about his life, thinking we already know a lot about him, but with each subsequent encounter, we delve more and more into his mind and everything becomes ambiguous. It is no different for Twin Mirror, where we constantly wonder why Samuel does not remember anything of that fateful night when he woke up blood-soaked, and whether he would be capable of a crime. If you like exploring dark stories, and psychological thrillers are the genre that is the closest to your heart, click on Twin Mirror pc game Download and learn more about Samuel’s story.

Making the right decisions

Like in every story in which we look for explanations, we follow Samuel in search of answers to the bothering questions about that fateful night, which is a blank slate for him. Each new character we encounter brings us closer to solving the mystery. However, the key is to make the right decisions. We have to make several choices and they determine the further progress of the game’s story. There is no one route that leads to solving the puzzle, making the game even more exciting. By going deeper into the mind of the protagonist, we get to learn past events in which we also explore and talk with characters from the past.

Full 3D – a treat for seekers of the best technological solutions

If you are a fan of 3D games and technology, be sure to click on Twin Mirror pc Download, a fully 3D game. The perfect recreation of the character and the surroundings make us feel like we are inside the whole story. This effect is further intensified by the soundtrack. The scenes that are taking place in the real world and in the mind of the main character are characterized by perfect depth and scope at the same time as well as a wealth of detail. This is a reason worth reaching for this title. Try your hand at solving the dark story that took place in the town of Basswood. Thanks to the well-defined story, you can actually control the plot yourself by making certain decisions on how you want to progress. In the end, you will get to the heart of everything, and discover what really happened to Samuel. Twin Mirror will allow you to improve your logical thinking and deduction skills.

Twin Mirror free Download Games PC

Twin Mirror download

Free Download!

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