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Platform game with elements of puzzle that can be downloaded now for free! Trine 3 Download on the PC. It was developed by Finnish studio Frozenbyte, meaning team responsible for two previous parts.

We go to the incredibly made fairy fantasy land. The campaign will be a continuation of the previous parts of the series. There are three heroes: sorcerer Amadeus, thief Zoyi and knight Pontius. Each of them has various characteristics as well as skills. During the adventure we regularly switch between them. The slowest of them is warrior but the strongest, so he is good against close combats. Also, he can use his shield thanks to which he is able to reflect fireballs or glide over long distances. Thief is the most agile among them, she has a bow that can be used to attack opponents from distance and shoot a rope with a hook and move thanks to that. Wizard can materialize objects and move them by force of his mind – his resistance to damage is really low. Get Trine 3 Download in full version and play today in this amazing adventure game.

In Trine 3 The Artifacts of Power controlling of the heroes is pretty intuitive. The only time when we have to get used to control is during playing sorcerer. Amadeus can automatically conjure big cubes. Now we can’t target shape by cursor. What is more, moving such a block in space requires a bit of practice. We will often use the archer skills to attract a variety of objects with usage of rope.

The game puts in fron ot us a lot of new, amazing experiences and puzzles that in no way we will be able to stop playing it. To a large extent physics that is responsible for interaction with objects in the game will determine its attractiveness. Visually, the graphic s was prepared in full 3D. During our play we will overcome various obstacles, pass the traps and fight enemies. Quite often we will have to solve logic puzzles. Get the full version of Trine 3 Download on PC and explore new adventures, check if you can solve each puzzle!

Trine 3 The Artifacts of Power Download PC

Trine 3 Download

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