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Transformers: Devastation is a TPP game that has been prepared for the PlayStation 3 fans. Released in October 2015, this game is based on animated tv series that gained huge popularity in the 80s of the last century. Producer of Transformers Devastation Download is Japanese company PlatinumGames. They already got few popular titles on their account. Available on platforms: Microsoft Windows PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. Publisher: Activision Blizzard. Release date: October 6, 2015.

Transformers: Devastation Download PC

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People who lived in 80s don’t need to be introduced with the whole action that is going on in the series as in the hack and slash game. Of course, we mean The Transformers, animated TV series that was aired in the America in the middle of that decade. Creators of the game took close attention to reconstruct the atmosphere of the cult TV series, so they decided to apply the celshading technique. It makes playing Transformers: Devastation feel like we are watching the show from the 80s. For this reason, game was anticipated by those who have a fondness in the time. This isn’t the only reason why fans of Transformers should really look into the title Transformers Devastation Download.

In the science fiction game voiceover was made by the actors who played in the TV series. While playing game we can hear Peter Cullen, Dana Gilvezan and Frank Welker. It doesn’t mean that game cannot be a great entertainment for people who didn’t watch series or were born later than in 80s. Noteworthy is also an interesting story line. Player picks a good side of heroes, autobots. What’s very important, creators decided to leave the opportunity to choose the hero. Player can therefore become Optimus Prime, Wheeljack Bubblebee, SideSwipe or Grimlock. As you’d imagine, each of these characters is unique. They are varied in terms of offensive techniques and equipment. Choice of the character has crucial influence on the way the beat’em up game goes on. Nevertheless, you can’t say that one of them gives you higher change to win than others. A lot depends from that if player uses unique traits of the hero properly.

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Transformers Devastation Download full version and install it on your computer. The enemies of Autobots are Decepticons here led by powerful Megatron. Main threat from their side is the fact that Megatron can change the world in cybernetic construction because he discovered technology of plasma energy and wants to use it in evil purposes. Similarly to the other games from the PlatinumGames studio, player has strong emotions guaranteed. It’s because very well planned combat system. Characters in the game has got ability to transform, which means that they can freely change into the robot or truck. This ability has particular meaning during combats, so player has to learn how to use it properly in order to come out victorious from the battles. Game developers also anticipated the ability to develop skills of the character, which means that with time you can achieve better effects. It is the guarantee for players that they will be able to play Transformers: Devastation for a really long time without feeling any kind of boredom. So it’s worth download Transformers: Devastation if you are looking for an entertainment for a longer time.

First opinions about this multiplayer game are positive. People who know well games created by Platinum Games studio claim that Transformers: Devastation doesn’t disappoint players and it’s another great offer from this publisher. Surely, this feedback shall ultimately convince all the players who until this moment weren’t convinced on testing the game.

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Transformers: Devastation system requirements minimum:

  • Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E4400 2.0 GHz or better.
  • Graphics: 512 MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 or better.
  • Operating system: Windows® Vista/7/8.
  • Disk space: 9 GB HDD.
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM.

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