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This Land is My Land is an ideal action game developed by a popular Game-Labs team (developer and publisher). It belongs to the popular category of stealth games. The production takes the player to Wild West, where he becomes a warrior in one of Indian tribes fighting to stop the invasion of dangerous colonizers onto their ancestors’ land. PC Release date: 2020. Platforms: Microsoft Windows PC.

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During the gameplay we see the events from a special camera placed just behind the character’s back; the world has a completely open structure. Each task can be realized perfectly well in many different ways, but most of them definitely require from us flair and avoidance of detection. The opponents are much more numerous and better armed, therefore confrontations very often end up in the main character’s death. So the play is dynamic. Our successes and defeats influence the cities development, as well as the direction of colonization.

This Land is My Land is a stealth adventure game for PC Windows with an open world. In this case, though, the authors didn’t go down an alley typical for every western, and didn’t cast us in the roles of cowboys. Instead, This Land is My Land free download allows us to become a warrior of one of the popular Indian tribes. The player’s task is first of all to defend its people’s homeland against various alien invaders and settlers, who try to take over his ancestors’ land.

The game This Land is My Land pc download, published for PC Windows, is an open world action game, in which we watch all developments from a camera placed right behind the character’s back. It’s worth to remember that our hero is an excellently trained warrior, but in direct clashes with more numerous and better armed enemies his chances of survival are slim. That’s why he has to resort to shrewdness, and to realize his objectives quietly. The game was largely developed in such a way as to offer us full freedom of action, and additionally we can complete each task in many various ways.

It happens more and more often that the longer we play the game, the more difficult it becomes, which in turn enhances the level of artificial intelligence of our enemies. The opponents are also very observant, able to analyze changes in the environment, and to co-operate with one another. Moreover, the game’s world is very dynamic. Cities develop at various paces, but accordingly to our operations many elements, such as locations of various camps or the guard patrols’ beats, are set quite randomly. The player’s moves can in a real way influence the speed of colonization, it’s also possible to fight back entire areas from the foreign newcomers. Get This Land is My Land free download, and you’ll certainly have great fun. It’s especially recommended to those who love spending time in a dynamic environment, and therefore no challenge is alien to them.

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