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Do you love watching very popular series about the walking dead? You are definitely like this production, full version of adventure game – The Walking Dead Season One Download, It is game started by Telltale Games studio, guys popular thanks to games like Wallace and Gormit, Sam and Max, Back to the Future or Jurassic Park. Everything is programmed based on license of a comic books created by Robert Kirkman that was nominated to the rewards a lot of times.

The Walking Dead Season One Download on PC

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If you watch the series of living dead, you have to have this game! Download The Walking Dead Season One and install it on your computer with full version. Production described by us is divided into parts (episodes), which combine into season like it is in case of series. In first part we are going to deal with a hero – Lee Everett. Whole story begins in the moment of zombie attack, so in the moment when Rick Grimes is in the hospital. In the moment where plague gather its crops, Lee is in a police car chained in the rear seat. Why? Because he killed a guy who slept with his chosen one. Producers try to show us story line with a completely different group inspired by Robert Kirkam who really contributed to the creation of this game. What is more, we can meet people who are on the set in television series. In a first edition of the game, missions were divided into 5 episodes. In order to finish each episode, it is required to spend approximately 10 hours.

The whole game play is based on roaming around variety of places, conversations, collecting items and solving mysteries. Sometimes our arcade skills are required from us but these aren’t a priority in this particular game like it was in Jurassic Park. The Walking Dead Season One stands out from the competition with zombie motif by not destroying the undead group. Our tasks have to be performed “on tiptoes” because every uncontrolled movement makes us to intervene and get rid of the zombies.

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Have you already tested game with living dead? Do not wait, The Walking Dead Season One Download full version of the game! Worth mentioning is the fact that Telltale Games group uses players’ choices on the game for the first time. All the decisions we make from episode one will have impact on other tasks to perform. Time limit while making decisions is very important as well, so we cannot sit and think about the decision. The puzzles that appear in the game refer to the show. Graphically game looks tremendous, everything was based on a comic graphics, but it is fair to say that they did a hell of a good job. We cannot play multiplayer here, there is only possibility to choose electronic distribution channel.

Free Download The Walking Dead Season One full version on PC

Download The Walking Dead Season One

Free Download!

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