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The Surge 2 is an excellent action RPG in the climate of dystopian science fiction. The game is extensive and focused mainly on combat; it’s also characterized by high level of difficulty. Do you like science fiction? Find out more, get The Surge 2 Download and learn about the changes in the continuation of the superb first part. Developer: Deck13 Interactive. Publisher: Focus Home Interactive. Platforms: PC, XONE, PS4. PC Release date: 2019.

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Production studio

The game’s producer is Deck 13 Interactive Studio, known for co-operation with Polish CI Games on the game Lords of the Fallen. But the publisher is Focus Home Interactive. The game is a sequel to The Surge, released in 2017. It’s a three-dimensional, third-person action RPG game in which the player’s task is to control a man equipped with a mighty exoskeleton. The ambience is enhanced by setting it in a murky world taken straight from science fiction, in which humans lost control over man-made machines, and they turned against them.

Storyline in The Surge 2

The gameplay in The Surge 2 moves the player into a dark science fiction world. People in it created such an advanced technology that in the end it turned against themselves. Do you like dark ambience and combat games? Get now The Surge 2 PC Download and enjoy long hours of great entertainment. The player’s main task is controlling through this murky world a man fitted up an exoskeleton. It’s an all-important element, because modifying it becomes the goal on which the whole gameplay is focused. The producers offer The Surge 2 only in single player mode. Based on the producer’s own engine gameplay provides locations of much better quality than the first part.

The game’s mechanism

The Surge 2 is a third-person RPG action game for PC platform. Its chief inspirations were such titles as Dark Souls, Demon Souls or Lords of the Fallen. The characteristic feature of them all is a very high level of difficulty, also found in The Surge 2. The producers took care to add novelty to the proven solutions. The basic action in the game is traversing three-dimensional locations and fighting the opponents met en-route. Most often it’s a hand combat with use of all kinds of available weaponry. Want to travel across a world ruled by unfriendly machines? Don’t wait, get The Surge 2 free Download and let yourself be drawn into an amazing game set in a science fiction world.

An additional diversion to the gameplay is the possibility to modify the exoskeleton, armors and weaponry. Since most of the opponents are machines, the cutoff limbs can be transformed due to an expanded system of craft. Thus an element taken away from the opponent strengthens the player’s character.

Another interesting solution is the possibility to select aim of attack on the opponents ‘body’. It gives the option to strike right away the weakest point or to stun the enemy. This in turn opens a great opportunity to make an impressive final blow.

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