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Tavern Keeper is an interesting economic strategy game, in which the player plays the role of a keeper of several taverns. The fact that this is a difficult task is clear the moment we start the game, trying to manage a budget while investing at the same time. Greenheart Games studio (developer and publisher) is responsible for creating this game. PC Release date: 2019. Platforms: Microsoft Windows PC

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The tavern you never knew…

You can already tell Tavern Keeper is not an ordinary economic game by the location we play in – an interesting fantasy land with its own set of rules (which we have to follow).

Our tasks include expanding the premises, gathering and selling goods as well as employing workers and, of course, taking care of our patrons’ needs. If you want to know how weird and crazy they may be, be sure to Tavern Keeper PC download on your computer and try to balance your own tavern budget.

Player vs. economy

In most economic games, also placed in fantasy realms, the economic performances of individual players are to some extent compared. But Tavern Keeper is different. The only mode that the player can play on is obviously single-player, which is governed by its (often uneconomical) rules and laws. As a result, navigating the commercial-economic world of the game will not be easy. What is more, your attempts will be limited to some extent by your cold and calculating virtual opponents.

Game mechanics

All the fun begins with having one small tavern. Not only does the building we own not bring too much profit, it is also located in a fairly questionable, not particularly rich part of the kingdom. Our task is to transform the struggling business into a huge chain of taverns, bringing a very large income.

How? In this case, Tavern Keeper is more of… a sandbox game. The player has enormous economic opportunities, being able to choose between adding new rooms, introducing completely new dishes, and many more. Other forms of income, not entirely related to the business, are also of great importance here. If you want to learn more about them, be sure to Tavern Keeper free download for free on your computer and see how you can earn more.

Characters as game elements

One of the key aspects of our tavern are characters, specifically – contracted employees. We must take care of their income as well as not bore them to death. We also cannot forget about the right work mood, resulting in significantly higher profit. It is also worth adding that your employees have diverse psychological needs that you will have to meet!

Technical issues

The game interface has a specific, somewhat cartoonish style. If you want to know it better, be sure to download Tavern Keeper on your computer. You will find out how pretty this somewhat campy game can be.

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