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Post-apocalyptic atmosphere arise huge interest lately. Its bigger and bigger popularity results from the thrill, insecurity, and adrenaline, which are its inseparable elements. Because of that, the authors of books, comics, films, or even video games reach for post-apocalyptic topics. The game sZone Online combines FPS elements (which is first person shooter) and MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game, which is an RPG type of game, where you can play in virtual world with multiple people). The game was inspired by the popular post-apocalyptic cycle S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The game is also called “STALKER Online” or “S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Online”.

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sZone Online free download

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What is this game all about? Initially, the players create avatars from the scratch, and then they move to dangerous Zones, where you can find numerous dangerous and horrifying mutants, very precious artefacts, and terrifying anomalies. Get sZone Online Download and join today to the game!

The game sZone Online is inspired by post-apocalyptic shooters like Stalker. They were developed by Ukrainian studio GSC World. The action takes place in alternative reality, luckily for us. Here, the Chernobyl disaster began the series of terrifying anomalies unknown to the scientists. They change areas covered by them in so-called Zones. Almost no one is going over there, because there are no basic rights of physics in there, and everything that lives begins to mutate in horrifying and sometimes disgusting creatures. At the same time; however, you can find artefacts so needed for the scientists and human kind. Because of that, zones are visited by those, who want to find above-mentioned artefacts for their own purposes or for the welfare of the whole world. The players personate such stalkers. Get sZone Online Download and embark on a dangerous journey into unknown world full of danger!

The whole gameplay begins from creating our own character. Everything can be customized the way our taste and needs tell us. Everything is possible thanks to easy in use and clear editor. What’s more, in sZone Online there is a special mechanism that simulate natural changes in virtual world. It makes the game even more realistic because everything changes. Therefore, locations of anomalies and mutants constantly change. Download sZone Online and start fulfilling subsequent missions and tasks delivered by the authors of the game.

We can fight with the adversaries controlled by artificial intelligence or our own colleagues. Everything depends from our own settings. We can create necessary items and trade with other heroes. We can cooperate with other stalkers, create teams and set our own bases. In the game there is a lot of fighting and the possibilities of exploring the unknown world by using talents and skills of our hero.

The game sZone Online was made based on BigWorld Engine, which was created from the scratch by Cybertime Systems studio. They applied new technology but the authors managed to present the cult climate of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. cycle.

sZone Online Free Download

sZone Online download

Free Download!

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