Category: Strategy

Strategic games are a genre in which the player commands a particular area (state, base etc.), simultaneously expanding his own economy, armed forces and economic potential.

Game’s interface

A characteristic feature of strategies is a broad approach to different aspects of gameplay. Depending on their complexity, the player controls not only the movement of characters on the map, but he also influences economic processes, creates an army and puts up a number of buildings for diverse use. The strategic games’ interface most often shows an entire map of a given state (or a base), as well as its surroundings. Very often Strategy games are linked with the concept of ‘fog of war’, that is the still undiscovered space surrounding the location controlled.

Kinds of games

Strategic games are most divided into real-time games, tour games and god games. An interesting variety of strategic games is the so-called tower defense that relies in constant defense of our base against hordes of various opponents. One of the most popular games meeting the criteria of strategic game is the series Total War and Sid Meier’s Civilization.

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SpellForce 3 Download

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Planet Coaster Simulation Evolved Download

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Cossacks 3 Download

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Transport Fever Download

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Dawn of War III Download

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