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Cossacks 3 is a very original strategy game, which action takes place in real time in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The game is reproduction of the previous part released in 2001. If you are the player, who likes to boast with good scores from the first part, then you should not hesitate and download Cossacks 3 because it is definitely much better version of the same game. Release date: September 20, 2016. The game is available on the Microsoft Windows PC.

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The real time strategy game is the first title of Ukrainian studio GSC Game World after their reactivation in 2014. The studio is responsible for creating such games as S.T.A.L.K.E.R, American Conquest, or previous editions of Cossacks cycle. Even though they didn’t manage to gather full squad of the studio after their reactivation, the game has been prepared by the same people who were connected with the first and second instalment of the game. Evgeniy Grigorovich, who is the author of the original version of the game, remained the main producer.

Description – review

The action of the game takes place in XVII and XVIII centuries. The player will control one of twelve nations given at his disposal. Among them we can find countries such as France, England, Ukraine, Russia, Prussia or Austria. Each of them has got its varied technology, unique army, buildings, and units. There are campaign or individual mode available for the players. If you are the fan of previous versions of Cossacks, then Cossacks 3 Download, which is its bettered version. Experienced players from the earlier part will quickly come around in the new game mode.

The game is a classic real time strategy. The players have the following tasks: gathering resources, expanding base and terrain, recruiting armies destined to fight enemies. While conducting fights, we can command very vast and powerful squads. A novelty and not so characteristic feature for the strategy game is that the game lets you control not only the whole army but also single units, what basically lets you give them different orders.

The fights can be battled on land and in the water at the same time, what gives astonishing graphical effect.  The shape of the terrain has also the impact on the fate of the fight. Thanks to that even weaker forces can beat the enemy. It is a huge advantage in relation to strategy games. Each unit has got its individual bars indicating health, strength, morale, and exhaustion.

Game modes

Several people can participate in one game, what combined with the gameplay itself (advanced strategies and well-thought actions) gives a huge amount of fun. Limit of people per one game is eight. These people can either work in teams and fight together or act solo, without creating any divisions. In this type of fight, everyone attacks everyone. There is also the possibility to hand over the controls of the faction to the computer. New instalment of the game has got a lot of additions for the fans like for example editor, thanks to which we can modify the map and create it almost from the basics.

In the summary, if you are the fan of classic strategies, and you like refreshed version of the games, then you should be interested with this game you can find under the phrase Cossacks 3 free Download. Greatly prepared strategy will move you to the past to the XVIII century, and you will have the chance to personate the commander of huge amount of troops. The game has unique, really absorbing climate. Every fan of strategy games should take a look and see for themselves. Steam price: 7,99 USD.

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Cossacks 3 system requirements recommend:

  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-3470 3.2GHz or better.
  • Graphics: 1 GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560 or better.
  • Operating system: Windows® 7 (64-bit).
  • Disk space: 6 GB HDD.
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM.
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9

Cossacks 3 system requirements minimum:

  • Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E4300 1.8GHz or better.
  • Graphics: 256 MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GS or better.
  • Operating system: Windows® Xp (32-bit).
  • Disk space: 6 GB HDD.
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM.
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9

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