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Somerville is an action platformer, its climate and scenery refer to classical science fiction stories of aliens’ invasion. The title has been created by a team of independent developers and publisher from Jumpship Studio, established by Dino Patti. This acknowledged game creator gained fame for two acclaimed side-scroll platformers Limbo and Inside. If you’re a fan of these extraordinary games, get Somerville Download and start another dark adventure in a world overridden by aliens. PC Release date: 2019. Platforms: Microsoft Windows PC.

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Plot – review

The story in Somerville is about an invasion by alien civilization, and a handful of people who struggle to survive it. Production was presented by the creators as an action game in the science fiction convention, showing the lives of a select few facing a global disaster. But just like in Limbo and Inside, the plot is very enigmatic, showed to the players without dialogues or explanatory boards. If you like discovering mysterious stories on your own, get Somerville pc game Download and find yourself in the unwelcoming and hostile surrounding, overtaken by unknown enemies. The characters’ struggles make one think of classical invasion stories, such as the novel War of the Worlds by Herbert George Wells, or the Cloverfield movie series.


Just as in previous Dino Patti’s games, the action in Somerville is watched by the player from a side perspective. Therefore, in terms of basic mechanics, the title is like a typical side-scroll platformer. Apart from crossing extensive levels, during the gameplay it’s necessary to solve more or less tricky riddles. Some of these are joined with arcade sections, which adds to the gameplay’s diversity. If you’re into extended and climatic platform games, get Somerville free Download and try to sort out all the riddles. At times the game changes into a stealth game, and the character has to sneak around the board invisibly for the space opponents. At some stages the player can also beat the extraterrestrial adversaries by shooting them from a weapon found on the way. If you want to take part in an unusual adventure, get Somerville crack and get rid of the aggressive space aliens.


The unique characteristics of Somerville are the slightly cartoony and unreal, and also very dark and original visuals. Graphics make one think of previous Dino Patti’s creations, i.e. Limbo and Inside. In order to submerge again in the depressive climate, get Somerville pc game Download and play the newest production by Jumpship Studio. The visuals were designed by a renowned film animator Chris Olsen, who worked on such movies as Skyfall, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, or Thor. If you want to admire the unique esthetics of the game and take part in the murky adventure, get Somerville and survive the invasion of hostile aliens.

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