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Smalland is an unusual representative of survival games, produced by Embu Games Studio (developer and publisher) from Turkey. The title was developed for PCs with Windows system. If you like outstanding games, different from the competition, get Smalland Download and have a go in this original survival. PC Release date: 2019. Platforms: Microsoft Windows PC.

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Smalland free download

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The plot

Smalland tells a story of a character who got downsized in unknown circumstances. The player meets the protagonist when he wakes up in a forest. The character has no idea if other people had suffered the same fate. In order to learn the truth and survive in a rather inhospitable world, the hero has to take up various struggles. If you want to have a try in a smaller size, get Smalland free Download and overcome all the dangers coming your way. The story is seen by the player from first-person perspective. The basis of the gameplay are survival aspects, resulting directly from the smallish size of the main character.


In Smalland the player has to cope with spacious forest surroundings, which make up a quite realistically reproduced ecosystem. The various creatures inhabiting it pose a real threat to the protagonist. Some of them steal his stored supplies, while others treat him as food. Yet the protagonist doesn’t have to fear bears, wolves or other predators, but mostly all the animals that are not usually considered as a danger. And those are mainly rabbits and squirrels, who are much larger in size than the hero. Ants are also a problem, their colonies make harder the life of the character controlled by the player. In order to face all these dangers, get Smalland pc game Download and stand up to the unfriendly animals.


During the game player has to take care of the hero’s food, supplies for building shelter, and the raw materials for weapons or tools. If you like survival games, get Smalland free Download and provide your character with all the objects necessary to survive. Gaining shelter, though, will not let the downsized hero sleep peacefully. Mere raindrops can be a problem, let alone mighty showers. In the game’s world they make real floods, during which the character has to face the elements. The shelter built in a wrong spot can be not only flooded, but also blown away by a gusty wind.

Modes and technicalities

Smalland can be played either solo, or in a co-operation mode. The co-operation implemented by the creators is very extensive, and allows up to eight players to have fun. If you like playing survivals together with your friends, get Smalland and try your hand in the co-operation mode. As for technicalities, the high quality visuals deserve a praise. The production’s stylistics pleases the eye, and the soundtrack calls to mind a real adventure.

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