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Sea of Solitude is an adventure arcade game whose heroine is a girl called Kay. She travels through a flooded world, searching answers to existential questions, and fighting monsters en-route. If you want to learn if Kay’s journey ends happily, make sure to get Sea of Solitude Download and find out if the monsters outside are actually the biggest heroine’s enemy. Developer: Jo-Mei Games. Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc.. PC Release date: 2019. Platforms: PC, XONE, PS4.

Sea of Solitude Download – Full Game PC

Sea of Solitude free download

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Exploring the world and the search for self

In Sea of Solitude the heroine traverses the world both by boat and swimming. In order to reach inaccessible spots, she makes use of various objects found on the way. Her aim is not only to discover new uncharted territories, but first of all to learn what is happening with herself. Because she’s immersed in solitude and slowly changes into a monster, not knowing how to stop the process. Obviously, the game’s focus is also on sorting out logical riddles that move the storyline along and are a treat for adventure games’ fans.

Will you fall under control of the inner monster?

The concerns and fears make one shut out from the world, and that leads to alienation and loneliness. Kay’s change into a monster becomes an allegory of a human’s lonely life journey, which with time gets unbearable and makes them a sour, deprived of feelings monster-like figure. If you prefer games that apart from a storyline bring a deeper message about the relation between love and loneliness, you must get the Sea of Solitude pc game Download and find out whether Kay will change completely, or she’ll manage to stop the process. The motif of sea, love and loneliness appeared many times in literature, so it’s no wonder it has been adapted also for an adventure game. It makes the Sea of Solitude not only a mere game, but also a study of the world heading for alienation and loneliness, though with some hope left.

The third-person perspective of the presented world

Sea of Solitude offers the third-person view, and due to this we can observe the story like an animated movie. If you’re a fan of animated graphics, get the Sea of Solitude free Download and check how the game was arranged in that respect. The ambience of the game is also upbeat by a well-suited music score. The monsters’ dark hues reflect the soul of a tormented lonely human’s soul. We have not only a great entertainment of exploring a flooded world, but also a journey into the heroin’s inside and getting to know all her concerns and fears, natural for people and reflecting the modern world’s problems. Loneliness gets her like a monster with whom she tries to cope at all costs. This proposition among PC games brings reflection, and also develops logical thinking at solving various riddles with which the heroine has to cope. Will someone or something will save her from becoming a monster? You’ll find out by getting the Sea of Solitude full version pc.

Sea of Solitude free Download PC Games

Sea of Solitude download

Free Download!

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