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RAGE 2 is a game that puts you in a post-apocalyptic world, after an asteroid fall. Everything was taken over by a man eager to kill all who survived the apocalypse in special shelters. If you want to play as Walker, the Ranger of Vineland, who wants to stop General Cross in his plans for destruction, be sure to click on full version RAGE 2 Download and prepare to fight in the post-apocalyptic world. Developer: Avalanche Studios. Publisher: Bethesda Softworks. PC Release date: 2019. Platforms: PC, PS4, XONE.

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RAGE 2 download

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Travel the world and see what is left from the previous civilization

In RAGE 2, you travel through deserts, swamps, jungles, and many more. You visit each town and village, both on foot and by using various vehicles adapted to specific conditions. The game is based on Apex technology that makes the characters’ movements and the in-game world more realistic. If you want to see what a town looks like after an asteroid fall, click on RAGE 2 free Download and become a hero of the Arc Survivors – a community who survived the apocalypse in special shelters.

Try a plethora of weapons against your enemies

In RAGE 2 there are many types of firearms available. In addition, you can upgrade your skills and increase performance. You also use special implants, called “Nanotrites”, thanks to which you can eliminate enemies in more creative ways, such as an energy blast or a blow to the ground. What is more, if you want to use special skills and abilities for your arsenal, there is no problem. Your weapons will have more firepower, and you will defeat a greater number of enemies much faster. These abilities also cause faster regeneration, making the protagonist become even stronger.

Improve perceptiveness and accuracy

In the post-apocalyptic world of RAGE 2, there will be many traps and dangers awaiting you, but defeating the enemy, which is General Cross, will ensure you the fame and admiration of towns and villages. Spectacular clashes with enemies will serve as your additional outlet for improving agility, perceptiveness, and accuracy, which are very important when shooting. Reach the last enemy base and go down in history as the one who became the saviour of the survivors. Click on RAGE 2 PC Download and take on the opportunity provided by the wide game map. Thanks to the story, as well as many diverse post-apocalyptic landscapes, the gameplay, being a constant exchange of fire, will never be the same.

It is worth noting, that RAGE 2 is playable in single player mode. Your opponents are both aggressive gang members and mutants. You can defeat them with rifles, pistols and rocket launchers, not to mention your supernatural abilities. In addition, your character can also use a special propeller that allows him to knock down enemies to the ground as well as neutralize those who hide behind shields. It is a must for fans of post-apocalyptic action games as well as those who played the first RAGE game.

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