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Outer Wilds is a three-dimensional adventure game with sandbox elements. The title is a third consecutive work of independent developers from Mobius Digital Studio (developer), who developed mobile productions such as an exploration game Beacon 38, or a logical RPG Terra Chroma. If you like adventure games with sandbox elements, get Outer Wilds Download and test the latest work of the talented developers. Publisher: Annapurna Interactive. PC Release date: 2019. Platforms: PC, PS4, XONE.

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Game tells the story of the title recruit of Outer Wilds Ventures, a new space program. The hero’s task is to research an untypical solar system which undergoes constant changes because of a time-loop. The character-player encounters many riddles, and first of all he tries to discover a way to stop the time loop. If you want to find answers to interesting scientific questions, get Outer Wilds pc game Download and become part of a space program. While the story develops, it’s enriched with various smaller plots, for instance connected with ruins situated on one of the moons discovered by the character.


Outer Wilds is an extensive adventure game with an important element of exploration. The player-character travels between discovered planets aboard a small spacecraft which can also fly around the surface of the particular worlds. After landing he can also get out of the craft, and explore the planet on foot. Each encountered globe conceals different attractions and mysteries waiting to be found by the player. If you want to feel like a real space explorer, get Outer Wilds free Download and start researching. On one of the planets, for instance, there are notes left by aliens and an underground city, while on another the unstable surface crumbles under one’s feet. Outer Wilds is a fully three-dimensional production, with the player-character seeing action from the first-person perspective. The graphics is interesting stylistically and quite varied, the visited planets can for instance differ in vegetation and topography.


Apart from discovering the mysteries hidden on the unknown planets, the basis of the gameplay in Outer Wilds is experiencing the changes caused by the time loop. Particular planets and moons can undergo various alterations, so each return to the previously visited places brings surprises. Areas encountered during previous visits can disappear completely, for instance they can be engulfed by sand. In order to discover all the secrets of the time loop, get Outer Wilds PC Download and admire the amazing paradoxes. The exploration is easier duo to an array of tools and gadgets, for instance designed for tracking signals. These accessories are taken from a special outer base, where you can also rest at a bonfire and replenish the oxygen necessary to survive on alien terrains.

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Outer Wilds download

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