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Northgard is a real time strategy that decided to use Nordic mythology – very important in the circle of fantasy fans. The game is set in the environment of Vikings, who are fighting to conquest new lands. Using Nordic mythology is not an innovation of any kind. It’s rather often theme that developers of computer games explore. Let’s just recall such titles as Valhalla Hills, Viking: Battle for Asgard, Valnir Rok, Vikings or Wolves of Midgard, or Saga: The Wrath of Vikings. The last title is probably the most obvious inspiration for Northgard. Just search Steam for Northgard Download and learn the world of Nordic warriors and beautiful, mysterious lands. Developer and Publisher: Shiro Games. PC Release date: 07.03.2018. Platforms: Microsoft Windows PC.

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Northgard is based on standard solutions applied in RTS games. The fans of the genre won’t be disappointed with it. The fans of the genre won’t be disappointed because of that. Before the player arises the chance to explore unfamiliar lands, creating villages, taking care of their development, gathering resources, recruiting, and of course training armies that will be ready to defend its walls and conquer the enemy’s territory.

Both typical mechanics of the game, which uses checked methods from real time strategies, as well as visual settings constitute incredibly reliable reference to the cult game of the genre – The Settlers. A lot of elements presented in this world look like graphically improved themes that were taken out from the land of The Settlers. It mostly concerns architecture as well as characters. The game is great treat for the fans of classics as well as titles from the past. It brings tears to our eyes if we take a closer look at Northgard. The game can not only provide us with plenty of similarities to classic games, but also offer us modernity and the chance to offer effective manners. Enter in your browser Northgard game Download and play in this amazingly effective real time strategy set in the world of Nordic mythology.

The player will take the role of Nordic warriors – Vikings, who have been looking for better place to live for years. They just approached the legendary land called Northgard, which, according to stories, is the place of welfare and possibilities. The warriors begin their exploration and face threats in order to ensure their gods glory, and to ensure themselves wealth and proper life.

The authors of the game decided to include survival elements to RTS type of gameplay. Thanks to that we have to survive in difficult conditions of cold land in the North. The biggest threat is severe winter that will certainly take a lot of lives with its extreme conditions. The goal of the player is to build the village that will ensure shelter and enable survival and the fight with the enemy at the same time.

The thing that immediately catches our eyes is fully three-dimensional graphics that astonishes us and builds fascinating climate of the game. During gameplay, the player will see a lot of interesting places of cult, statues, and stone circles. Some of you may have comic associations, what additionally intensifies the effect of dark, cold, and mysterious land. Search Northgard free Download phrase and see for yourself how dangerous and at the same time passionate the adventure with Nordic warriors can really be. Live the story filled with many mysterious events.

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Hardware requirements:

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1 GB GeForce GTS 450 or better
  • Disk space: 400 MB HDD
  • Operating system: Windows Vista

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