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Hearts of Iron IV is yet another edition of very popular series of the RTS games created by Paradox Development studio. In the game, our main purpose is not only military development of our country but above all – economic development. The release date of the strategy game creators, Johan Andersson and Dan Lind took place on June 6, 2016. Publisher: Paradox Interactive.

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The storyline review

Hearts of Iron IV PC takes us to the years 1936 – 1948, so to the very near past. We have to control the given country and then develop its economy and military. During playing, we don’t have to follow the historical events. So, if you want to see how the alternative history is created, Download Hearts of Iron IV is a must have for you. You will see that the history could have gone in a completely different way.

Game mechanics

The fact that Hearts of Iron IV doesn’t need to follow the historical events, doesn’t mean that we are not going to find any characters well-known from the pages of the history. Figures such as Hitler, Staling, Benes or Churchil will once again appear on the screen of your computer to, as it was in the past, play the great game of dominance over the world.
What has changed compared to the previous version of the multiplayer game? Huge changes have affected the management of the army, which is the aspect loved by almost all fans of the series. In Hearts of Iron IV we can not only set a front line but also command the particular divisions, which are usually seen on the map as three-dimensional models (Total War inspired?). Each unit can be freely moved or used to proceed with the invasion and at the same time draw the line on which your units will move or invade. During the game, we can witness variety of authentic events. They are often in the form of small, single missions. By doing them, we can count on additional points of political power, which can be used to influence politicians, leaders and many other famous people of that period.

Those who consider Hearts of Iron IV as banal and simple game are wrong. IF you think that to, you just have to use Hearts of Iron IV Download and play it on your computer. You will see that managing the modern country can be very difficult (especially the management in the aspects of particular economy elements). When it comes to the difficulty level, the fourth instalment keeps the pace with its predecessors. In Hearts of Iron IV we can manage any country. We are not limited to only “main actors” of those events (France, the Third Reich etc.). We can become the ruler of the South American country and along with the Japanese hit the USA.

Graphics in the game

As we already mentioned, graphics in Hearts of Iron IV has undergone number of specific changes. The most important is the introduction of three-dimensional characters that symbolize the fighting or moving troops. Except that, the cycle of day and night as well as the seasons were introduced. Thanks to that, we have to take even more important factors into account while playing Hearts of Iron IV.

Additional information

If you love multiplayer mode, then Hearts of Iron IV Download is the answer you are looking for. Why? Because it offers online mode as well as single mode. These are the recommended requirements for Hearts of Iron IV:

  • Processor – Intel Core i3-2100 3.1 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 850 3.3 GHz,
  • Memory – 4 GB RAM memory,
  • Graphics card – 1 GB GeForce GTX 560 Ti/Radeon 5850,
  • Free space on your hard drive – 2 GB HDD
  • Operating system – Windows 7, 8 64-bit or newer

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