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Did you play all parts of the cult series made by Rockstar Games? Full version of GTA Episodes from Liberty City Download. You surely heard about huge addition to Grand Theft Auto IV where The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned DLCs were mixed. Comparing to those improvements, this release is sold in a box. Very important news for us is that this addition doesn’t need final version of the game to launch it.

GTA Liberty City Download on PC

GTA Liberty City download

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Herein, we will be a guy named Johnny Klebitz, which is known for his dangerous gang The Lost. Until recently, our character was managing in terms of setting formation and supervision of the institution. However, as we mentioned earlier, the plans were thwarted by Billy Grey, a colorful character who ended his rehab. All alliances used by John had been broken thanks to that culprit. That is why all surrounding gangs are fighting over domination on the area. The story in The Lost and Damned is linked with a basic version of GTA IV where we meet plenty of heroes from the series. The main distinctive theme in this DLC will be new missions, where we will use new cars. In many episodes our fellows from The Lost gang will accompany us.

Download GTA Liberty City – dlc to Grand Theft Auto IV in the newest release right now, when PC version is available for you! In this production we will get new weapons, cars, motorcycles, trucks and new side missions. Also, multiplayer mode, where new aspects of the game were used, has been improved. We will see modes such as Club Business – competing with other members of the gang, Long Wold Biker – runaway from others or the Witness Protection.

During your stay The Ballad of Gay Tony we will control Luis Lopez, a character from the Dominican Republic. It’s a typical gangster and ward of Tony Prince, a character who runs a chain of nightclubs. A lot of missions begin in his clubs where we rescue him. During the episodes we carry out, it came to the light that his leader is deep in debt in people who will not stop only at threats. Whole action focuses not only on the basics of gameplay but also on random events and┬ácombat system. What is more, we are not going to participate in missions on the suburbs and clubs but we will move on to the city center, which diversifies whole story. During the play we meet a lot of new people, action doesn’t focus only on Tony, it will include people like Yusuf Amir as well.

Manufacturers improved and added new golf carts, which are known from GTA Vice City. It makes great fun and reminds that part of the game. In addition, new guns, choppers, limos, yachts and parachutes were added as well. As the name suggests, whole is played in Liberty City, so it is a place known to us from the basic edition of the game. In this metropolis we will find a variety of improvements. It will be possible to investigate a number of places that were locked in GTA IV and watch carefully how the motorcycle gang operates. Very interesting modification is adding new radio stations, it kinda pleases the game. These stations are mainly rock ones but we can also create our own station.

GTA Episodes from Liberty City Download – Full Version

GTA Episodes from Liberty City download

Free Download!

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