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Foundation is a strategy of the city-builder type. The title is the first work of Polymorph Games Studio (developer and publisher) from Canada, established in 2016 by Leo Carnaut-Delord and Philippe Dion. The creators of Foundation are also responsible for a platformer Chariot, released in 2014. In order to check out the new work of the gifted developers, get the Foundation Download and create your own city. PC Release date: 2020. Platforms: Microsoft Windows PC.

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Foundation free download

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Foundation is an unusual city-builder set in Middle Ages. The production combines solutions known from many other titles, such as Crusader Kings II, SimCity or Anno. If you’re a fan of these games, get Foundation pc game Download and compare your experiences. Essential element of the play are the resources that the player, depending on the location, uses for the development of the city. If the settlement, for instance, is built near a forest, it will be easier to set up farms or putting up wooden buildings. But in such a town the scarcity of stone and other strong materials will be problematic, and that’s quite a difficulty. In order to try your ability to manage natural resources, get Foundation crack and become a maker of your own settlement.


At the beginning the player has only a few settlers who lay the foundations of the future settlement. Constant development of industry and agriculture attracts other inhabitants. The player has to provide them not only with jobs, but also with shelter and food. If you want to build a strong and faithful community, get Foundation free Download and take care of its development. In order to implement subsequent alterations and expansions, proper amount of money and resources is necessary. The object of the whole play is to make a prosperous, well-provided for and powerful medieval metropolis out of a settlement of a dozen people. If you like unusual city-builders, get Foundation full version and look after all the churches, castles, residences and farming fields.


Foundation is remarkable for full support of modifications provided by the players. The production’s fans can use for it the professional editor, available free. The tool allows to create completely new areas, units or buildings. In order to make a unique medieval country, get Foundation game Download and prove your creativity. An interesting solution are also the modifications that allow to add completely new missions to the game. Users can play them on their own, or share with other members of the ever-expanding community. Develop your own missions and get the Foundation to share them with other players. The production uses an original engine Hurricane, developed specially for city-builders and other similar strategies. Composers responsible for the sound track earlier prepared music for productions such as Europa Universalis IV or Crusader Kings II.

Foundation free Download – Games PC

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