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El Hijo means ”son” in Spanish, because the game title reflects the main character, a little boy striving to find his lost father. Therefore he has to overcome several obstacles and experience various adventures, while reaching the aim is in doubt. It’s a stealth game for PC Windows platform, kept in the climate of Wild West. The gameplay was developed by Honig Studios, and its plot can certainly engage the user. Do you like westerns and the West Wild world? Admire the crazy gunslingers and want to meet them face to face? Get El Hijo Download and check if you manage to survive for but a while in this peculiar reality. Publisher: HandyGames. PC Release date: 2019. Platforms: PC, PS4, XONE, AND, iOS, Switch.

El Hijo Download – Full Version PC

El Hijo free download

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Plots of the story – review

Although the XIX century world of Wild West is grossly farfetched, and only some aspects of its reality are marked, it can be attractive and interesting to the viewer. The title character El Hijo flees from an orphanage and sets onto a chilling pursuit of his lost dad. He has to cope with desert heat and its unusual inhabitants, that is monsters, and then goes on to a town of ruthless gunslingers. The player’s task is to avoid direct confrontation and getting in trouble. It’s a somewhat grotesque situation, when a six-year-old has to tackle single-handedly all the world’s evil. The player, who becomes the hero of the game, must command camouflage techniques, and be able to stay in shadow when the gravity of the situation requires it. Have you got as much grit as a little boy? Are you able to leave everything and set out to search for the closest person? If so, get El Hijo game pc Download and stay alert, because the danger lurks everywhere.

Technical parameters

We have at our disposal, among other things, a localizer showing the enemy’s position, which enables us to run away and keep clear of danger. But when we have to defend ourselves, the creators offer a broad range of available weaponry. The game uses an isometric camera and quite nicely designed graphics in the cartoon convention. All the elements make a consistent whole and add the game attractiveness in the eyes of the user, whom practically everyone can be. By no means is the game only for the younger group of players, despite the minor hero. Want to have a go in a „stealthy”? If you haven’t experienced it yet, get El Hijo free Download and have good fun.

Sentimental journey to the realm of childhood

El Hijo is in a way a symbolic return to the childhood ills and fears. A little boy embodies the universal endeavor to discover the world’s nature, to penetrate the reality around us. It’s interesting to look at the reality from a child’s perspective. Remember how you felt at the age of six. What were you scared of then? Perhaps the game will bring forth your childish fears, or maybe it will help you find superhuman courage?

El Hijo Free Download – PC Games

El Hijo download

Free Download!

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