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Eastshade is an adventure game with elements of exploration. The game is easily distinguished mainly by an unusual fairy-tale like atmosphere and engaging plot story. The game was designed and created by Eastshade Studios team (developer and publisher). If you like original adventure games use Eastshade repack installing device and take part in this fascinating exploration.

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Story – review

Story presented in Eastshade takes place in peaceful land, over which magical atmosphere rises. The player will play as a painter, traveler who came to the Eastshade island which is known from its beautiful landscape. If you want to explore this exceptional and beautiful land get Eastshade free Download and learn about this land. The main target of the game is to use paint to capture the beauty of local nature. It is also necessary to enter into interactions with individual inhabitants of the area. Our main hero will get to know many stories and problems they have. Our character with time will make friends. The player will have the opportunity to help the people who needs it. Would you like to get to know what will happen next? Use Eastshade game Download links and enjoy this unique atmosphere of this magical island.

Game mechanics

The game is played from the perspective of a first person. Action of the game is focused on exploration but not only. Some traditional solutions can be found in here too. The main character loves to get to know the secrets that the entire island is hiding from him. Secrets are very important to the gameplay. At the beginning most of the area is inaccessible therefore the player is forced to develop methods which will allow to continue the journey. On his journey many obstacles will have to be overcome. It sometimes requires to collect some materials to create necessary accessories and needed items. Try yourself at solving these mysterious puzzles, get Eastshade free Download now and do not get stopped on your way!


With time all your actions and decisions will have their consequences. Everything you do will affect the local population. The game does not have a single-story plot. There are many threads to discover. Thanks to this the player will have the opportunity to learn about stories of individual characters. To be able to learn about the fate of the inhabitants of the mysterious island get Eastshade and carry on to the end of every single one of the threads. The game is very extensive, which makes that you can interact with almost every character you will encounter. This is done with specific actions or an appropriate dialogue. The paintings created during the travel do matter. Painting mechanism is relatively easy to use. It allows you to freely capture a selected part of the environment. Our hero will paint the painting himself. If you want to feel like a real painter get Eastshade full version and choose the most amazing picturesque views.

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