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P7 / Control is a typical shooter in third-person mode. Set in a science fiction ambience, it was made specially for players using Windows PC platform. The creators prepared in the gameplay many surprising elements that will definitely give it more variety. Do you feel like confronting creatures from space? Don’t wait but get the P7 Control free Download and test yourself in combat against them. The studio responsible for releasing the title is Remedy. Its most acclaimed productions are Alan Wake, Quantum Break, or the first two parts of Max Payne cycle. Developer: Remedy Entertainment. Publisher: 505 Games. PC Release date: 2019. Platforms: PC, XONE, PS4.

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Storyline in Control – Review

The players guide in the world of Control is a young woman called Jesse Faden. Striving to overcome the past problems, she comes to New York and wants to shut some issues once for all. With this intention she goes to the Headquarters of a mysterious organization Federal Bureau of Control. A huge skyscraper, know also as the Oldest House, unexpectedly falls victim to an invasion of alien powers just when Jesse visits it. If you want to become a mysterious woman destroying powers from outer space, get Control / P7 Download and have a try fighting evil now.

The attack on the HQ of Federal Bureau of Control ends with the main commander’s death. As a result of mysterious rituals and the agency’s rules, Jesse is chosen as its successor. Since that moment she’s first of all responsible for fending off the invasion and bringing back full peace.

Game’s mechanism

The player watches the gameplay from behind the back of the main heroine, Jesse. As it should be in a shooter, the main action consists in running around with a gun. What makes this production different from others similar, is the unusual pistol. Setting the storyline in a strongly futuristic world is reflected in the fact that her gun not only shoots, but also allows her to cast objects or opponents without having to make physical contact with them. Want to try our a new telekinetic pistol? Find out more, get the P7 – Control Download and you’ll have guaranteed hours of great fun.

An additional function of the gun, that Jesse can make use of, is an alteration of its looks, which gives access to new functions, quite different from the ones utilized so far. The main activity in the game is dynamic combat. Numerous additional special abilities are used in it, as well as interactive surrounding and the gear with modifications option.

Yet by far the best element of the gameplay is the world in which the storyline is set. Locations in the game are inspired by an architectural style known as brutalism. Shapes that aren’t obvious, often changing in the player’s eyes, provide surrealistic and surely unforgettable experiences. It’s also reflected in the changes of levels map. The outside façade of Federal Bureau of Control doesn’t give away what the players finds inside.

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Control Download

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